Inbox: 24-Hour Warning

While chatting with customers in your inbox you might notice the following warning in your chat window:

For a Messenger contact, you must follow Facebook's guidelines in order to respect the 24-hour window for promotional messages:

You can only use Live Chat to respond to a customer service issue surfaced in a Messenger conversation. A message can be sent in cases where the business requires more than 24 hours to resolve an issue and needs to give someone a status update and/or gather additional information. This cannot be used for use cases beyond those listed above or for promotional content (e.g. daily deals, coupons and discounts, or sale announcements, nor can businesses use the tag to proactively message people to solicit feedback).

For a webchat contact coming from your website, this reminder would suggest that the customer is probably no longer active on your website.

For an SMS contact who has opted into SMS messages, there are no formal restrictions, so this alert is there to provide additional context for your conversation.

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