Email Automation Builder with S.O.L.D.

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This is our email automation with smart sending technology, S.O.L.D. (Signs of Life Detector), that analyzes data on recipient behavior, such as open rates and click-through rates, to determine which leads will move to the next stage of your e-mail outreach.

By automating the process of sending emails and using S.O.L.D., you can save time and resources while also increasing the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns.

It is a prerequisite to Connect an Email Account when creating an Email Automation & usiing the X-ray Lead Generator.
Create an Email Automation
Select Email as means of contacting your leads. The Email settings will slide out once EMAIL is selected. Take note that these settings need to be set PER automation. Setting this up for one Automation WILL NOT make this the default settings NOR it will be affect existing & future Automations. If an Email address has not been connected before, this step will prompt you to connect an email account.
Create Input Trigger/s
Create an Input Trigger by clicking on +OTHER LEAD TRIGGERS. Keep in mind that this is an Email Automation, and it is therefore, mandatory for you to collect your lead's email address on these input triggers. You can check our help articles for guidance in creating Input Triggers: Facebook Input Triggers, Instagram Input Triggers, Import contacts, X-Ray Lead Generator, Website Chat Widget Input Trigger.
Check leads for Signs of Life (S.o.L.D.)
The Automated Email Validator will check the leads list to see if they are active. Users that engage with this will proceed to the next step of your automation.S.o.L.D. Email. Only emails that are active and valid will proceed to the next step which is receiving your S.o.L.D. Email. We use smart sending to make sure that your email is protected. This will increase the effectiveness of your email campaigns by delivering messages to recipients who are most likely to engage with your future emails, leading to higher quality interactions.The A.I.Email Customizer tailors the content of the "Master Email" based on the landing page content. Generate email automatically based on the landing page.Input your landing page and click on Generate Email. The "Additional information about your business" is optional, but is recommended! Finalize your Master Email. S.o.L.D. analytics summary is accessible on the automation.
Your Outreach Automation
Automatically find your most valuable leads with the highest likelihood of converting. Here is a preview of an active Email Outreach Automation
Hot Leads Automation
Select the next automation for email leads that have shown the highest intent of converting. Introduce to Sales Team and Reporting Settings New Hot Lead Automation
Introduce to Sales Team and Notifications Settings

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