My Bot Won't Respond at all

If you are sending messages to your bot and getting no response at all:

  1. Check to make sure your Facebook page has a working "Send Message" button. 

    This should appear at the bottom right of the cover photo. If it says something else, like "Learn More", hover over the button, click edit, and set it to say "Send Message".
  2. Check to make sure your bot has content

    Make sure your welcome Dialogue has at least one widget with content in it!
  3. Check your bot connection

    In your bot building area, under settings, ensure your bot is connected to a valid Facebook business page. Try disconnecting and reconnecting your bot.
  4. Check your Facebook permissions: See help article here.

  5. Check your Facebook's token

    In your Settings under Maintenance, refresh the page's connection to Facebook with the yellow button! NOTE: If you do this, you will have to re-grant permissions on all of your tools, such as comment guard and drip campaigns.
  6. Check your Chrome privacy extensions

    Some extensions will prevent your bot from engaging. To check some things that can block your bot's functionality, click here.
  7. Clear any Q&As with blank fields

    Blank fields in any Q&A can put a stop to your bot's conversation path. Not good!


If your bot is not sending messages past the Welcome Dialogue, etc:

  1. Make sure your Dialogues are tied together by buttons or navigations in the widgets

    Dialogues need to have at least one widget in each, or they come up blank and halt the conversation. Nobody likes a halted conversation. That drives users bananas!! 🍌🍌.The widgets should guide the conversation to other Dialogues based on Dialogues linked to customer responses, or the Navigate widget.
  2. Clear any Q&As with blank fields

    See above.
  3. Check if Live Takeover has occurred

    Live takeover temporarily disables the bot If you have sent a manual message, the bot will disengage until the conversation has been inactive for 10 minutes. To manually reengage the bot, send "/return" as a message in the conversation.

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