Basic Guide to Autoresponders

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This article will give you a basic description and purpose of each autoresponder. If you are looking for the guide to create Autoresponders on InstaChamp click here.

DM keywords are autoresponders that send when people DM your Page with a keyword that you specified.

Pro Tips:

  • Put "quotes" around your keywords to use phrase match (bot will trigger the Autoresponder only when the user's response contains the terms in your keyword, in the right order).
  • Put [brackets] around your keywords when you want to use exact match (bot will trigger the Autoresponder only when the user’s response matches the keyword exactly).
  • Add keywords without wrap when you want to use broad match (bot will trigger the Autoresponder  if any part of the keyword is found within the user phrase).
  • Keywords are never case sensitive

DM Greeting is a generic message that sends when a person sends you a message for the first time since you connect your Page to InstaChamp.
  • This only triggers once for each contact
  • You can only have one DM Message

Post Comment is an autoresponder that sends people a DM when they comment on one of your posts
  • Post Comment Autoresponders require the first message to ask a question if you have more than one message on the flow. Use "Ask Question by Picking an Option". The goal is for your Instagram user to send any message after the initial Post Comment Autoresponder message, otherwise subsequent messages will not be sent if there are any AND most importantly your Page will not have that Instagram user officially as a "contact" that you can respond to with any promotional message within 24 hours.
  • Facebook Comment Autoresponders do not work on Reels (this is only available on Instagram Comment Autoresponder)
  • Never use any {{name}} or {{handle}} attribute on the first message of a Post Comment autoresponder. If it is the first time the IG lead is contacting your Page, your Page has not picked up those information. It will show as INSTAGRAM CONTACT.
  • You can create a generic and/or a keyword-specific Post Comment autoresponder.
  • When creating a Post Comment Autoresponder for a specific post on InstaChamp- select ONE channel at a time since not all Instagram Posts are same as Facebook posts.
  • Select a Specific Post. If you will use a keyword, click on ADD after typing the keyword.

  • You can send Public Replies for Instagram Post Comments.
Story Mentions are autoresponders that sends to people who mentions your Page in their Instagram Story
  • ​You cannot use keyword-triggered Story Mentions Autoresponders.
  • If you already have a Story Mention Autoresponder. You can create new ones, but it will send at random. This way your followers don't get the same messages again and again.
Story Reactions are autoresponders that sends to people who reacts to your Instagram Stories with emoji or text

You can create different types of Story reactions to:

  • Respond to everyone, no matter how they react
  • Respond to everyone who reacts with any of these words
  • Respond to everyone who reacts with the emoji reactions . Available for Platinum members. Upgrade to use emoji

Instagram Live is an autoresponder for messages sent on your Live Video
  • You can have a generic and keyword-triggered Instagram Live Autoresponder.
  • Only works during an actual Instagram Live session.

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