HighLevel Integration

Updated by Virginia Nussey

What Is Customers.ai for HighLevel?

Customers.ai Website Visitor Identification & Remarketing platform integrates directly with the HighLevel full-suite agency CRM and marketing platform.

With Customers.ai's HighLevel integration, HighLevel users can identify anonymous website visitors, enrich visitor contacts with business or consumer contact profiles, and sync contacts to HighLevel, where they can be tagged into marketing automation workflows.

Agencies can white label and resell Customers.ai's visitor data directly on the platform your clients already know and love.

How to Install the Customers.ai Website Visitor ID X-Ray Pixel on a Website

The first step to activating website visitor identification is to install the X-Ray Pixel on a website. To install the X-Ray Pixel on a website, follow this guide.

Customers.ai + HighLevel Training

In this short video, we'll guide you through three key areas:

  1. An overview of the Customers.ai dashboard, including how to start tracking and sending leads to HighLevel.
  2. How to view your Customers.ai leads within the HighLevel platform.
  3. How to effectively sell Customers.ai to your customers.

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