Using the MobileMonkey API Documentation

Updated by Gerard Escalante

The MobileMonkey API documentation contains "Try it out" functionality which allows you to execute test API calls against your MobileMonkey page. This can be helpful for providing a working example of how the API is used.

Here is how you can use the "Try it out" functionality:

  1. Find the API Key for your page in MobileMonkey, at Integrations > MobileMonkey API
  2. Open the MobileMonkey API documentation at:
  3. On the documentation page, click Authorize
  4. In the Available authorizations popup, enter your API Key using the following format, and then press Authorize:

Bearer [your API Key]

  1. Close the Available authorizations window, and scroll to the API call that you wish to test.
  2. Press the Try it out button inside the API call description
  3. Customize the parameters for the API call to meet your requirements for a test.
  4. Press Execute to run your test API call using the parameters you provided.
  5. After the test API call completes, more information can be found below, including how the request was formatted, along with details on the API response.

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