How do I switch to an Instagram Business Account?

Updated by Raquel Bartolome

  1. Go to your profile and select Settings.
  2. Go to Account.
  3. Tap Switch to Professional Account. NOTE: If you are "Switch account type" instead of Switch to Professional Account, this means your Instagram page is already set to a professional account.
  1. Tap SWITCH when asked "Switch to a business account?"
  2. You will be asked several Onboarding Questions like this; just click on CONTINUE.
  3. Select a Category for your business and tap Done.
  4. You may be asked if you are a CREATOR or BUSINESS. Select one, then tap on NEXT.

  1. Setup your professional account or tap X on the corner to return to your profile.

For further reading, see Facebook's help article: Set Up a Business Account on Instagram

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