Send Overage Automatic Upgrades

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Send Overage Automatic Upgrades

Send credit overages upgrade happens when a MobileMonkey plan that includes a certain amount of send credits exceeds the limit of the plan. By default MobileMonkey automatically upgrades/purchases additional send credits for subscriptions to ensure that lead collection and outreach continue without interruption.

The purpose of "send credit overages" is to provide customers with a convenient and hassle-free way to manage send credits and avoid disruptions to their service.

Check your send credit overages automatic upgrade Settings

  • Send credits along with additional send credits purchased within a billing period will EXPIRE and will never be carried over to the new billing cycle's send credits.
  • Standard send credit increments is 1,500 send credits for Startup & Agency Plan and 50,000 send credits for custom plans. Additional send credits renew month-to-month.
  • In order to avoid unwanted, additional send credits for the next billing cycle, downgrade back to the desired send credits. $0 is the default send credit level for your plan.
Once send credits are downgraded for the next billing cycle, you cannot increase/purchase additional send credits for the current billing cycle.

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