Basic Troubleshooting for WP-Chatbot

Updated by Inga Supranovich

Solution 1: Reconnect the Page

1. Disconnect the Facebook page

2. Log out of Facebook account

3. Log in to Facebook again

4. Connect the same page

5. Check your website in Incognito mode or CTRL+F5 to avoid caching issues

Solution 2: Whitelist the Domain

1. Go to FB page Settings

2. Select Messenger Platform

3. Find Whitelisted Domains and add domains with www and without

Solution 3: Check Developer Console Errors

1. On browser with opened website press F12

2. Check if there any errors/warnings

3. If there is warning telling “MobileMonkey Warning : Customer Chat Widget may not load correctly. The Facebook SDK installed on this page is referencing an outdated URL that does not support the required Customer Chat SDK…” means that the website has few connection to different sdk.You can search it in source code by “sdk” "connect", means that there is another script in source code which also connecting to Facebook SDK.

Such scripts could be found when doing right click of the mouse -> View Page Source. Then search for word "connect" and there will script similar to ''.

To resolve such case, need to comment / remove the incompatible script.

Solution 4: Paste Script Manually

1. To get the script open

2. Go to Lead Magnets -> Customer Chat Widget -> Copy the script

3. Paste script to <head> tag, typically Header.php (Appearance -> Theme Editor)

4. Reload the page and test in Incognito mode or CTRL+F5 to avoid caching issues

Check the help video

Solution 5: Facebook Page is Unavailable

1. Ask someone who’s not an Amin of the page to open Facebook page

2. If it shows “This page isn’t available” may mean that: Facebook banned the page, page is unpublished, the page has country/age restrictions

3. Fix the page in Settings or connect another page (if previous blocked by FB)

Solution 6: Incompatible WP Plugins

WP plugins that block Chat Widget from showing:

  • Facebook Pixel
  • Easy Facebook Likebox

Deactivating such plugins help to make Chat Widget appear on the website.

WP plugins that cache website content (typically SEO optimizators):

  • Yolast SEO
  • WP Roket

The above plugins make chat widget disappear after some time. Reconnecting the page helps till the next cache period. This is due to the way plugins works: caching only static content while WP-Chatbot script added dynamically this won't appear in the cache.

To resolve it, the script should be paste manually to <head> - such script is static should be in cache.

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