JSON Webhooks

Updated by Inga Supranovich

If you need to post data from MobileMonkey directly to 3rd party system (which might be the custom CRM) Connections can be used.

MobileMonkey will POST data to the Webhook and here are recommendations:

  • make sure that the server accepts POST request
  • make sure the body of the request is parsed correctly
  • make sure that the server reads JSON format

From MobileMonkey side set up will be as follows:

  1. Connection type preferably "Send contact data whenever a widget is reached"
  2. Paste URL

The payload URL is the URL of the server that will receive the webhook POST requests.

  1. Request type should be POST
  2. Set up attributes that you'd like to post from MobileMonkey to your system

Custom webhook can be created on GitHub, please follow the detailed instructions here https://developer.github.com/webhooks/creating/

Test Webhooks with:

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