I Cannot Connect the Page

Updated by Inga Supranovich

Only page Admins are able to connect it to MobileMonkey

Check that you are a page Admin:

  • Open your Facebook business page
  • Open Settings (top right corner)
  • Select Page Roles
  • Check Existing Pages roles

Note: Editors, Moderators and other roles with fewer rights are not able to connect the page

Invalid Token issue while connecting the page

Permissions to manage pages should be granted to MobileMonkey during sign up process. If not all permission were granted, it might hinder to connect the page.

To update the permissions:

  • Open your Facebook account
  • Go to Settings - Business Integrations
  • Select MobileMonkey app and click 'View and edit'
  • Make sure all toggles are ON (like on the screenshot below)

Page to connect is not visible in the list

When selecting a page to connect you should see a list of all pages that belong to the facebook account.

Though some restrictions may affect page visibility, those are:

  • Permissions to manage ALL pages should be granted (otherwise you want see a page to connect)
  • Page should be Published
  • Country Restrictions are set to seen to everybody
  • Age Restrictions are set to seen to everybody (less likely)

To check and edit them open business page Settings -> General section

Page is already connected by other user

Page only can be connected once, if you have other page Admins, verify it they already connected the page to MobileMonkey

Page is Personal or a Group

Make sure the page is a Facebook business page. It cannot be a personal page or a group.

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