How do I find my InstaChamp Ambassador referral link and get credit for sales I make?

Updated by Virginia Nussey

InstaChamp Ambassadors will find their personal Ambassador referral link after logging in to InstaChamp and turning on a superpower!

In this short video, see where to get and customize your InstaChamp Ambassador referral link and how to add it to your InstaChamp autoresponders to share it automatically with anyone who messages you.

  1. Log in to InstaChamp.
  2. If you haven't already, turn on an autoresponder superpower.
  3. After you save and turn on the autoresponder, you will see your Ambassador referral link from the dashboard.
  4. Copy your Ambassador referral link and add it to your autoresponders as a follow-up message. The text "Sent from My InstaChamp. Get your own here: <referral link>" works for many Ambassadors.

When people buy an InstaChamp subscription using your Ambassador referral link, you receive credit for every sale and 25% of all revenue generated for the lifetime of those users' account. And don't forget, you get another 5% of all sales that your referrals generate!

That adds up to monthly passive income just by sharing the time-saving growth tools of Instagram DM automation with your audience.

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