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You just signed up for a powerful sales outreach automation platform that lets you know who's visiting your site and automate real-time, intent-based outreach to super charge leads and sales.

We're excited to show you how to use Customers.ai with these videos:

Part 1: Overview of Outbound Marketing

You will:

  • Learn where and how targeted outbound marketing fits into a healthy marketing mix.
  • 5:17 Learn how X-Ray works to collect contact info of anonymous website visitors.
  • 8:32 Hear 5 tips for maximizing deliverability and engagement of outbound outreach.

Part 2: Setting Up Customers.ai

You will:

  • 1:14 View where to turn on/off automations in settings.
  • 1:22 Connect your email account(s). Detailed instructions here.
  • 1:40 Activate an SMS phone number. Detailed instructions here.
  • 2:34 Turn on text-to-call forwarding so that recipients of your SMS messages can call your business.
  • 3:03 Install X-Ray on your website. Detailed instructions here.
  • 5:30 Launch automated sales outreach sequences to your X-Ray audiences.

You may also connect your Facebook and Instagram business pages to Customers.ai to generate leads. For detailed instructions on how to connect Facebook and Instagram to Customers.ai refer to:

Part 3: Help When You Need It

You will:

  • See how to reach out to support from within Customers.ai. Note: Only selected Companies have access to the Live Chat Support widget. Please send us an e-mail at support@customers.ai if you have any questions.
  • See how to get to the searchable Help Docs from Customers.ai.
  • Join our private community of chat marketers where you can ask questions, get feedback, and learn about new tutorials.

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