Refresh Page Access Token Error/ Update Permissions

Updated by Raquel Bartolome

Expired Facebook Token

This means that your Facebook page token is expired. There is an easy fix for this to get you back up and running.

Note: You need to be an ADMIN of the Facebook Page and an ADMIN/OWNER on your Company. If you are unable to perform the steps below, please contact your Account manager or send an e-mail to

How to fix this issue:

  1. Click on UPDATE PERMISSIONS button. When you see the error message click the UPDATE PERMISSIONS button.
If you are being logged out and prompted to login again, this means you are not logged in as a Facebook user. Only Facebook users added to can Update permissions of a Facebook Page.
  1. Click on the "Continue as {username}" button to grant ALL the requested permissions to all pages that your Facebook account manage.

If the system detects that ALL permissions are granted at this point, this will fix the issue. Otherwise, you will be taken and prompted to login to make sure you are logging in via the CORRECT Facebook account. Once you login, you will be taken back to STEP 1..

  1. Make sure that your Facebook connection Status is established by going to the Maintenance tab on your settings. Click on Refresh Connection under Facebook Connection until the Connection Status says CONNECTED.
If you are still having issues, you will need to completely reset the permissions via Business Integrations. You can use this guide for the complete instructions.

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