Create a Lookalike Audience from your Messenger Contacts

Updated by Dan Golder

This is a cool way to get new Leads using your existing chat Contact lists to power a Facebook Messenger Ad lookalike audience!

In this article, we'll teach you how to use your already-qualified leads to hone the targeting of your Messenger Ad campaigns using a Facebook Engagement Custom Audiences synced from MobileMonkey and Facebook Lookalike Audiences.

Prerequisite: Make sure you've connected a Facebook Ad Account from the Facebook Page Settings! Click the gear icon on the persistent menu, and go to Advertising > Ad Account. Then, choose your Ad Account ID from this dropdown:

Step 1: Qualify some leads in your MobileMonkey Chatbot

Lead generation is one of the most popular and in-demand use-cases for a MobileMonkey Chatbot.

It has never been easier to gather contacts using one of our many Lead Magnets, and to gather some qualifying information from them via a Chat Form.

The first step in any lead-qualifying Chatbot is to create a Form that asks new visitors for the information you care about!

Step 2: Publish an audience of qualified leads as a Facebook Custom Audience

Once you have some qualified leads, the next step is to build an audience of Contacts who meet the criteria you count as "qualifying."

This is where the magic happens. All you have to do now is sync the audience to Facebook. To do this, simple go the Leads section and click on the menu next to your audience. Click on Sync Facebook Custom Audience and wait for our confirmation that your audience has been synced to Facebook.

This will send all of the contacts you have in the audience to Facebook as a brand new Custom Audience. Better yet, it will keep that audience in sync with Facebook as new Contacts are added!

Step 3: Create a lookalike audience based on this Custom Audience

Last step! In Facebook, from your Facebook Audience Manager click Create Lookalike Audience. In the ensuing pop-up, choose your MobileMonkey Audience as the source, narrow down to locations if you'd like, and then click Create.

That's it!

Now just create a Messenger Ad with this Lookalike audience as the audience target, and not only will you get great new contacts who are extra likely to qualify as leads, but as new leads come in and get qualified, they will be sync'd to Facebook to train your Lookalike Audience!

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