How to Use the InstaChamp Ambassador Share Banner Library to Monetize Your Audience

Updated by Virginia Nussey

InstaChamp Ambassadors: You now have access to a library of graphic creatives that you are welcome to use and share with your audience as you promote your Ambassador link.

The graphics are available for download here.

Here's how we recommend you share these for best results.

  1. Download a graphic that you'd like to share with your audience from the library.
  2. Set up an autoresponder with "INSTACHAMP" as the keyword trigger in InstaChamp. Link to your Ambassador link in the autoresponder.
  3. Publish the graphic to your Instagram account. Include a call to action that matches your autoresponder, such as "comment 'INSTACHAMP' below" or "DM me 'INSTACHAMP' to learn more".

With those simple steps you'll be promoting your Ambassador link and monetizing your audience.

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