What's a Main Menu?

What's a main menu?

A main menu us a persistent menu that lives on the chat window. Adding a menu will give contacts more flexibility while chatting with your page. At any point in the conversation, they will be able to navigate to a different dialogue by selecting an option in the main menu.

What channels are main menus supported on?

Main Menus are supported for both Messenger & Webchat.

What do main menus look like?

Example of Main Menu on Messenger:

Example of Main Menu on Webchat:

Where do I set a main menu?

You can set the main menu at the page level and at the dialogue level. When a main menu is set on the page, all dialogues on the page will use the same menu, EXCEPT for dialogues that have their own menu.

To set a main menu for all dialogues in a page, go to Chatbot > Dialogues > Main Menu. From here you can add up to 3 items on the main menu.

When adding each button, you can select a dialogue to trigger when the user clicks on the button.

To set a main menu for a specific dialogue, click on the Setting icon in that dialogue:

From there you will be able to set a specific menu for that dialogue:

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