InstaChamp Sign-up Process

Updated by Raquel Bartolome

1. Go to and Click on Get InstaChamp for Free.

2. On this next screen, you can either click "Choose what to allow" or "Continue" . The better option is to click on CONTINUE. This will grant all the requested permissions to all pages you manage. If some permissions are missing you will still be taken to the next step (step 3). If all the required permissions are already granted you'll be redirected to the screen where you can Connect your Pages. (step 4)

3. The next Page will show you all Pages, Business Accounrs and assets you manage. Make sure to tick the checkbox next to the Page/s you want to connect.

4. This Page should show the Intagram Pages available for you to connect. Click on Connect Account under the Page you want to connect.

5. This will show the Facebook Page connected to the Instagram Page you just selected. Click on Add Facebook to connect the Facebook Page to InstaChamp as well.

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