Integration with Mailchimp

Updated by Inga Supranovich

The goal of the integration is to sync your MobileMonkey leads data (such as name, email, phone number) with Mailchimp audience.

To create an integration follow the steps:

  1. Navigate to Integrations -> Native Integrations
  2. Connect your account next to Mailchimp Integration section
  3. You will be asked to login into the existing account and authorize the MobileMonkey app

You will be redirected back to the app and can start building the integration.

  1. Click Add New Connection button
  2. The only action that is supported is Add or Update Subscriber in an audience
  3. Fill all the required fields by choosing a connected Mailchimp account, selecting an audience where contacts should be synced and by selecting the MobileMonkey attribute that store subscriber email
The integration will trigger when an EMAIL attribute gets assigned to a contact. You might ask your leads about the email in a conversation, once they reply it gets assigned to the EMAIL attribute (by default) and that will be the moment when contact information is sent from MobileMonkey to your Mailchimp audience.
  1. In the last step, you need to complete the data mapping which sets the relations between Mailchimp columns and MobileMonkey attributes that contain the actual values. If you don't want want to send some of the data e.g. Phone just leave it as a blank field.
Data mapping means that the value stored on the MobileMonkey side as the first name will be sent to Mailchimp and populated into the First Name column.
Birthday field format is MM/DD, Mailchimp is able to parse it from other formats like 'Feb 6th', '6th of february', '06.02', '02/06', '06.02.1970' etc. but this is not able to recognize all of the variations. In case the format is not recognized the Birthday will not be synced.
  1. Test your connection by sending sample data and don't forget to Activate integration!

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