A prerequisite to connecting Pages: Facebook Page Admin Access/ Full Control

Updated by Raquel Bartolome

One of the prerequisites of connecting a Facebook Page and the Instagram Page associated to the Facebook Page is to have an Admin role or Full Control.

Where can I check if I have Admin access or full control?

On Classic Pages
On Classic Pages go to your Page Settings, select Page roles on the left-side menu then scroll to EXISTING PAGE ROLES

On the New Pages Experience
Take note that you need to switch first to the Page before you can check the Page settings on Pages under the New Page Experience. Go to Professional Dashboard > Page Access > Manage and view access. You should be able to see the Add New button under People with Facebook access. Here is a direct link to Facebook's Help center on how to Give Facebook Access for Pages in New Pages Experience.

Check via Business Manager
Go to Business Settings, then select Pages. Select the name of the Page you want to check, then, under People, you will see a list of People with access to this Page. Click on the dropdown beside your Facebook account and check if FULL CONTROL is enabled.

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