What are Legacy Messenger Ads?

Legacy Messenger ads are ads that were created using our legacy "Sync Messenger Ads" feature. Below is a break down of what each type of Messenger Ads mean:

Legacy Messenger Ads:

These are ads created using our legacy "Connect Existing Ads" feature. For this legacy feature, we allowed customers to publish a dialogue to existing Messenger ads. This is a 1-time publish action, so subsequent updates to the dialogue setting will not get synced to the Facebook. Additionally, customers were not able to track in MobileMonkey which ads the dialogues were published to. Any "Connected Messenger Ad" created before ____ are considered Legacy Messenger Ads.

Synced Messenger Ads

Synced Messenger Ads are ads created using the "Sync Existing Ads" button. This is an updated sync feature, where we sync a dialogue to existing ads in Ads Manager. With this new sync feature, we will update your Messenger ads automatically when you make a change in your dialogue. We also keep track of which ads were synced with the dialogue.

New Messenger Ads

New Messenger Ads are ads created using the "Create New Ad" button. These are ads that are built directly in MobileMonkey and get pushed to Facebook, with the desired dialogue attached to it. Using this feature, you can build new campaigns and ad sets or clone existing ad sets/ads from your ad account.

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