Chatbot Overview

Chat Starters

Chat Starters are just how they sound, the help you start a series of different chatbot conversations.

Website Chat Widgets

The website widget is how you add chat to your website or landing page. It sits in the bottom right corner and there are several different options.

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Facebook Page Welcomer

This is a good first place to start and it's one of the first place users will interact with your chatbot. It is connected directly to your Facebook send message button.

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SMS Keywords

A quick and easy way to use SMS to get user into your bot. You can create multiple keywords and attach different conversations to then.

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Comment Guards

This is a great way to get free subscribers. The more engaging your Facebook posts, the better. Every comment can have the bot send a message.

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Opt-in Popups

A great way to build your sms subscriber list is by adding popups to your website. When someone visits your website they will see a popup and if they subscribe they will get the follow up message in messenger.

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Share Links

Every conversation you create in MobileMonkey can have its own custom link. This is a great way to share different parts of your bot via email, sms or even in groups.

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Landing Pages

If you need to create a quick landing page I don't want to go through the hassle of building it on your website you can create it right in MobileMonkey in a few clicks.

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Facebook Opt-ins


This is where you can build new conversations and add widgets to do it. You can group your dialogues in folders, duplicate dialogues and more.

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Questions and Answers make your bot smarter. By identifying keywords that your users may type you can issue a response when that happens. MobileMonkey will keep track of keywords typed in and how many times they were typed so you know what to create responses for.

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Automation Rules

Automation rules happen when certain conditions are met. There are currently 3 different rules.

  • Conversation has been moved to Resolved
  • Conversation has been moved to Pending
  • Customer did not respond to a quick question

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