What Are Dialogues?

Dialogue is the conversation flow that happens when your contact begins interacting with your Page. Dialogues are built out of using different widgets. Each widgets are discussed in a separate article. You will be spending most of your time creating conversations with dialogues. This is a bit longer section because there is a lot to it.

Dialogues can be accessed in all parts of the MobileMonkey platform. You can duplicate dialogues and use them in different areas which saves you time when creating your chatbot.

When you first click on dialogues this is the screen you will see.

On the left panel you will access your dialogues, create new dialogues and organize dialogues into folders. On the right side you will build the dialogues by adding different widgets which we will be going over.

The first thing you will see is the "Default Dialogue". This is a fail safe response for when the bot gets confused with what the user had typed or done. We like to offer the user an option to get back into the dialogue and also ask let them know that we are contacting a human to help them.

Then what we do is add the notification widget to let the owner know to come help. We will talk more about the features of this widget shortly.

Here are all the widgets you can add to your dialogue.

Choose a widget below to learn more.

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