Default Dialogues

Video Overview

The default dialogue is where the bot will go when a user has done something that breaks the conversation. Sometimes a user will type something where they shouldn't or do something that the bot doesn't understand. When this happens, the Default Dialogue is presented to them.

The idea of the Default Dialogue is to do a couple of things.

  1. Present the user with some options to get them back on track.

So we are sending them a message letting know that the bot doesn't understand what they did and that we are getting them a live person. We are then giving them some options while they wait. You can create a whole dialogue conversation here if you wanted but we like to keep it simple.

  1. Notify the client that something has happened in the bot that needs attention.

This widget is notifying the client that something has happened that the bot does not understand and sends an email to the client. You can also choose to send a push notification to the mobile app.

All you need to do is enter the clients email as well as the message. Make sure you use the attributes so the data will be pulled into the bot.

If you click the checkbox at the bottom it will be categorized in the inbox as a follow up. This makes it easier to find.

Default Dialogue Settings

You have a couple of options for this. You can choose to have the bot respond to every unanswered questions or you can choose just once per conversation. You can also choose to not even have that popup by selecting to ignore unanswered questions.

You can also disable free from typing if you wanted.

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