Text Message (SMS/MMS) Dialogue guidelines

Updated by Dan Golder

Guidelines for sending engaging Text messages

  1. Send ONE Image/GIF widget followed by ONE Quick Question/Text widget! These two widgets will be sent together in order as an MMS message, and will be safe from getting mixed up by the time they reach your contacts.
  2. Use Quick Questions with Multiple response options as often as possible. It's always best to give your Chat contacts a choice rather than an open ended question!
  3. Keep your messages short and sweet! Texting is not the same as email. Make sure you don't send a wall of text. (More on this one below)

Keep your messages short and sweet!

If your message contains more than 160 characters, we will send it as an MMS message instead of as multiple SMS messages. This ensures that your message is kept together and prevents it from being sent out of order.

What if I HAVE to send a long message?

Just make sure you include an image/GIF either before or after the long Text/Quick Question widget

You have three options:

  1. Reduce the length of the text in your widget
  2. Add an image or GIF widget above the Text widget with the warning
  3. Make no changes! Your long text will be sent as an MMS message along with your logo

How many credits are used for SMS/MMS?

An SMS message uses 10 Send Credits

An MMS message uses 20 Send Credits

Learn more about send credits here

What if I'm not using SMS?

You should be! But if not, you can safely ignore this warning.

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