FAQ: Inbox

What is MobileMonkey Inbox?

Inbox is a section in MobileMonkey where a user can see a list of live conversations happening on their Facebook page. A user can jump into any of the conversations from the Inbox interface.

What happens to the bot when I respond to a conversation?

After you send a message from the Inbox interface, your bot will be paused for 1 hour unless you set it live again. There will be a timer in the conversation panel to indicate how much time is left before the bot is active again. You can add more time to the paused bot, or set a bot live at any time by clicking the "Chatbot paused" button.

Can I easily tag the user I am chatting with?

Yes, there is a Contact panel on the right of each conversation panel that identifies the user you are chatting with. In the "Tags" section you can add a new tag to the user record.

What is a conversation session?

A conversation session is a series of messages that make up each conversation that the user had with your Facebook page. Each conversation is identified by the timestamp of the last message in the conversation.

What happens when I click on the conversation timestamp in the Contact panel?

Clicking on a conversation session will allow you to jump to that session.

Can I add an attribute to the user record in the Contact panel?

Yes, you can edit any custom attributes or add new attributes from the Contact panel.

Can I add notes about the contact in the Contact panel?

Yes, you can add as many notes as you'd like about each contact in the Contact panel.

Why are there blank conversations in my Inbox?

Blank conversations are cases where your page previously had a conversation with older contacts, but the conversation happened before MobileMobkey started tracking messages. You can still message these customers in your MobileMonkey inbox but you can't see previous conversations.

What are the little pink number notifications on the left hand menu?

These notifications show the number of conversations that require follow up (i.e. they need attention from the FB page owner).

What are "follow up" conversations?

"Follow up" conversations are the ones that require your attention. Theses are marked with a little pink dot in the conversation list. Conversations are marked as "follow up" when:

  • the default message was triggered
  • the bot is paused and the contact sent the last message
  • the bot is active and the contact send the last message at least 30 seconds ago without a response from the page

Can I filter on all follow up conversations?

Yes, there is a filter for "Follow Up" that will show all of the conversations that are marked as follow up.

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