Understand how Message Tags are used for Chat Blasts

Updated by Raquel Bartolome

You need to understand and abide with the parameters in using Message Tags on your chat blasts. NO PROMOTIONAL content is allowed. Use Sponsored Message as an alternative to Chat blast when contacts are not reachable based on the 24-hour rule of Meta.

What is a Message Tag?

A Message Tag is an indicator that MobileMonkey includes with your message when you send it via the Notification/Update option in the Chat Blaster.

On March 4th, 2020 Facebook will be updating its list of approved use cases for sending messages outside the standard messaging window. Additionally, Subscription Messaging will be REMOVED for all pages not in the Facebook News Page Index.

As before, it is not permitted to send Promotional content outside of 24 hours, but the list of use cases where it is permitted is being greatly simplified.

New Messaging Use cases:

Sending Promotional content

You can send Promotional content using Sponsored Messages.

More info: Sponsored Messages

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