How to Qualify Leads in MobileMonkey

Updated by Virginia Nussey

MobileMonkey is a flexible, powerful tool for connecting to customers and automating lead generation and qualification systems.

If qualifying leads is your most important goal in getting started with MobileMonkey, this guide will help you implement the tools in MobileMonkey to support those goals.

Step 1: Decide which messaging channels you want to connect to MobileMonkey.

MobileMonkey can connect to:

You can connect MobileMonkey to one or all of these business messaging channels.

Step 2: Create a lead qualifying chat dialogue. 

When you've decided what channel(s) you will connect to MobileMonkey, activate an Automation for that channel.

Add a series of content widgets to create a dialogue in the Chat Starter, asking important lead qualifying questions for your sales funnel.

⭐️ PRO Tip: If you have Startup, Agency or Custom plan, add a Notification widget to the dialogue to send you or your team an alert when a hot lead requires follow-up.

Step 3: Reply to leads in the MobileMonkey inbox for desktop or mobile.

As leads start chatting with your business, MobileMonkey will be asking your lead qualifying questions automatically.

Use the MobileMonkey inbox to see incoming conversations happening across your business messaging channels.

MobileMonkey has a mobile app for iOS and Android that allows you to reply to conversations in all channels from your phone. Download MobileMonkey Chat Mobile App here.

You or your team can monitor conversations and reply or follow-up as necessary.

Next Steps for Qualifying Leads in MobileMonkey

Do you have questions about any of these steps for implementing a lead qualification funnel in your business's messaging channels?

MobileMonkey is here to help. Start chatting with us when logged into MobileMonkey or send an email to

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