Should I set a bid on my Click-to-Messenger Ad?

When creating your Click-to-Messenger ad, you can choose to set a bid or utilize Facebook's lowest cost optimization. Not sure what to do?

If you're launching your first CTM campaign we recommend that you NOT set a bid and just using lowest cost optimization to start. Once you have some ads running you will have a better sense what your cost-per-lead is. At that point you can use that as a guide for your bids and start to play around with the bids.

If you're creating the ad directly in MobileMonkey, simply leave the "Maximun Bid" field blank:

If you're creating the ad in Ads Manager:

For campaigns using Campaign Budget Optimization, set your Campaign Bid Strategy to "Lowest cost":

For campaigns NOT using Campaign Budget Optimization, leave the Bid Control field blank in the Ad Set:

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