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Bot Name. By default, the name of your bot is GET STARTED. You may change the name of your bot on this section. This is the best practice if have multiple bots so you can identify them easier. Chatbot Status. This section shows if the Chatbot you are viewing is Active. The ability to activate and deactivate a particular channel on your Chatbot is also under Chatbot Status. Simply Check (to Activate) and Uncheck (to deactivate) the Channel. Instagram: Don’t trigger Automations for VIPs. You can prevent the bot from sending automated responses to any Instagram account that you follow and/or to verified accounts (VIPs) by activating/checking one or both options. Language. This does not change your bot into another language but what it does do is allow you to create another bot that is built in another language. You will need to translate all your dialogues yourself. Additional Chatbots. This is the list of all your chat bots and where you can create a new chatbot. You will also find the template code of the bot. The template code is used to clone a chatbot from one Page to another.
Inbox Settings. This is responsible for the time duration that the bot is paused AFTER a manual response was sent via the native Instagram Inbox or the MobileMonkey Inbox. When a bot is paused, no automation will trigger. (If the texts are too small, please right click your mouse over the image to open it on a new browser for a better view.)
Customer Chat Widget
Chat Widget Settings. You can select which channel to activate on the chat widget on your website. The default setting is "Support both Facebook Messenger & Webchat (OmniChat enabled) What this means is that MobileMonkey will determine if the user engaging with your webchat widget is logged into Facebook or not. If they are logged into Facebook then the Messenger widget appears. If they are not then MobileMonkey's website chat widget shows. This gives you the opportunity to capture more subscribers. Make sure you are asking for the users email and sms number. Also make sure you are sending the messenger opt-in widget to try and get them to subscribe with Facebook. There are many more advantages to them being subscribed in messenger versus just through the website.Webchat Conversation. This will help declutter the view of your Inbox by moving "unresponsive" webchat guests to the DONE folder of your Inbox.
MobileMonkey API
Using the MobileMonkey API Documentation
System Messages
Q&A Settings.Respond to unanswered questions with an IG and FB Engagement Autoresponders. This option will send the IG and FB Engagement Autoresponders found under "My Automations" . Use this article as reference. Respond to unanswered questions with a default Dialogue once Per Conversation or to every unanswered question. The default dialogue is where the bot will go when a user has done something that breaks the conversation. Sometimes a user will type something where they shouldn't or do something that the bot doesn't understand. When this happens, the Default Dialogue is presented to them. Read more details here. Ignore unanswered questions. No message will send at all if the lead mentioned a phrase, question or word that has no corresponding DM Keyword autoresponder. Prevent users from typing free-form messages to your bot. This will disable the option for leads to type a response, your conversation flow needs to be setup in such a way that it can be navigated by clicking through buttons. This is not ideal since leads are unable to type e-mail address, phone number and other information that are valuable to your business.
If you are running ads you must choose your ad account from the dropdown box.
If you have multiple users this is where you will find them. This is more of a feature for Team Account agencies.
Business Category. This is not a required setting but it helps MobileMonkey to know what types of businesses are using their platform so they can better meet the needs of those businesses. So we ask that you choose a category.Transfer. If you need to transfer your bot to another MobileMonkey Companythis is where you would do it.Facebook & Instagram Connection Status. If your bot all of the sudden stops sending message then this is the first place you want to check. If the connection status is not green then you must click the "Refresh Connection". You must be an admin for this to work as well. In a few seconds the button should turn green and your bot should be operational again. If the status still indicates "Error", please reset permissions on Business Integration using this help article.
On SMS Settings, you can add Testing numbers and assign a phone number to forward calls to, in case a lead dialed/called your SMS number.
This section of the Settings will allow you to create a bot out of template, add a template to your existing bot and most importantly, create a template out of a bot. This feature is valuable if you want to "immortalize" a bot you created so that you can use the same dialogues and conversation flows (basically all content) to other Pages. All the Templates you created will be accessible across ALL Companies you have access to. Create a Template from a bot. You will know the value of having a unique name for your bot when you need to create a Template. You will be asked to Select a bot to "templatize'; therefore, make sure to select the correct bot. Use a Template. Both the options to create new bot and add the template dialogues to an existing bot is available when using a Template. Take note that, once you use a template, you will need to re-connect the dialogue to create a flow. The conversation flows are not preserved.

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