Guide in Activating your Channels in MobileMonkey

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Connect Facebook Page

How To Use Facebook Messenger for Business: Top 10 Marketing Use Cases

Connect an Instagram Page

10 Best Instagram DM Drip Campaign Examples, Tips, and Tools

Connect E-mail Account/s

  • Email accounts ending with are limited to 5 emails per day. We encourage you to link a business email, such as a Google workspace email account, which is not limited in this way.
  • Please use this help article to Connect your E-mail Account(s)

  • There are some mail servers that will require you to use an APP password for additional security of your account. This help article contains the link to instructions on how to create an App password for your specific mail server. Below is a sample error message you will get:

How to Create a Winning Sales Outreach Email Template

Install X-Ray Website Visitor

  • X-ray Installation guide
  • Installing the website chat widget will automatically install the X-ray code. If you already installed the website chat widget code, you can just activate the X-ray Website Visitor Input trigger.
  • You can use different conditional operators to specify the website page/s where you want to capture your email leads. For Instance, you only want to anonymously capture the emails of those who visit your blog page.

How to Capture Email Addresses From Website Visitors Automatically

Activate SMS

15 Text Blast Service Facts That Will Make You 10X Better at SMS Marketing

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