Q&A Overview

Video Overview

The Q&A feature allows you to set up keywords that when typed will launch a dialogue or a text response. For example, let's say you have restaurant and you want to send a menu dialogue any time someone types "menu". You can set that up in the Q&A responses.

When you first click onto this section you will see the following screen.

The first blue box is your default reply. If the bot does not know what to respond with then it will reply with either a text response or a pre-existing dialogue.

Now below that you will see a list of all the keyword responses that you want to automate responses for.

You can have as many as you want and you can set the to respond with a dialogue or a text. You can also choose multiple responses and then choose the "random" toggle and MobileMonkey will pull different responses randomly. This makes your bot more realistic.

Since the Q&A has an AI engine behind it, the more similar words you add the smarter it becomes. It takes some time for the bot to learn what responses to do so keep adding keywords to train it. One way MobileMonkey helps you do this is buy showing you the questions or keywords that people are choosing and if you see one that is being typed or asked a lot you can choose to create a new Q&A for it.

You can see this list on the far right. Here is a closer view of it.

So visit this section frequently and add more Q&A responses so your bot can be smart and respond with the right answers.

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