Sponsored Message Reachable Contacts

The "Reachable Contact" count in your Sponsored Message represents a count of all contacts that Facebook could potentially deliver to within your Audience.

A contact is considered reachable if they meet all of the following criteria:

  1. User is subscribed to your page
  2. User did NOT engage with your page in the last 24 hrs
    1. Users that contacted your page within the last 24 hours will be reachable for free with a Chatblast, but FB will not deliver to these users in a Sponsored Message
  3. User did NOT engage with the page more than 365 days ago

Note that delivery on a Sponsored Message is generally more restricted because Facebook will deliver up to 1 Sponsored Message per user per day (across all Advertisers). Once a user is delivered a Sponsored Message from any one advertiser, that user will not be served another one from any advertiser that day.

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