Conditional Logic Settings

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Conditional Logic Settings is an advanced feature that may require knowledge on the following topics:

* You can use this help article to know more about attributes, tags and audience

Applying Conditional Logic Settings will SHOW/HIDE widgets:

  • If Attribute/s already exists on a Contact 
  • If Tag/s is present/not present on a Contact
  • For contacts in an Audience you created

In summary, applying Conditional Logic to your widgets will allow you to show/hide your widget to a specific group of contacts.

Sample case

For Instance, you have an Ask Email Widget on your automation flow and you want to “hide” this Ask EMAIL widget to contacts with an existing EMAIL attribute value or those contacts who already provided their email address before.


Click on the Conditional logic icon to show the 3 elements that will allow you to apply a condition; these are TAGS, ATTRIBUTES and AUDIENCES.

In this Example, we will use ATTRIBUTE for the attribute EMAIL.

Click on +Add Attribute and select the Attribute you want to set. In cases of Ask Email, Ask Phone, Ask Info & Options Widget; if you want to hide these widgets to users who already answered the question previously, use the ATTRIBUTE name in which the answer is being saved.

In our example, search for the attribute EMAIL since that is the Attribute that the responses are being saved to.

There are also multiple Operators that can be used to set the condition you want: Equal, Not Equal, Ends with & Contains. In this example, we will use EQUAL.

Value is the actual value contained in the attribute. In this case, we are going to use BLANK since we want to “ONLY SHOW THE ASK EMAIL WIDGET WHEN THE EMAIL ATTRIBUTE IS BLANK” or in short, if a contact has not answered the question before.

Once done, you need to make sure these 3 steps are followed: Click SAVE ATTRIBUTE, then on the next screen click DONE, and lastly APPLY CHANGES.

To check if the Conditional Logic Settings you created is applied, click on a widget and check of the conditional logic icon is highlighted in green.

How to Remove Conditional Logic Setting/s

Click on the Conditional Logic icon then click on the condition set (which in this example is the ATTRIBUTE, EMAIL) click on the BACK button on the first screen, REMOVE the attribute by clicking X, then hit DONE and finally, Apply Changes.

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