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Add a Text Widget

When adding this widget you are able to just send a text message by itself or you can add up to 3 buttons.

Once you click on the Text icon you will see the widget below. Simply type a message that you want your visitors to see.

Here is an example message. You can place emoji's inside your message to give it personalization. You will notice that there is a button below the text. It is not required to add a button and if you don't you will just see the text message which is what we recommend for this first message.

You can also add buttons to your text widget, up to 3 buttons only. These buttons can link to an existing dialogue, a phone call or an external website. You can also tag anyone that get sent this widget. This is a great idea so you can see how far people get in your dialogue and again you can build custom audiences that can be later used a number of ways.

  • New Dialogue - This is where you will create your new conversation.

Let's choose the "New Dialogue" Customers.ai will use the same name that you named the button but you can always rename if if you want.

You will see a drop down underneath "Take users to a new Dialogue?" This will show you all the existing dialogues you have created so you can easily link a button to them if you want.

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