how to write the best email opening lines

Best Email Opening Lines for 2023: Over 50 Examples — & AI Email Super Hacks!

“Email has an ability many channels don’t: creating valuable, personal touches – at scale.” – David Newman

Email is one of the prominent, universal ways of staying in touch and today we’re bringing you a guide to help you write the best email opening lines for all your email tasks to be done.

Whether you want to address an existing customer, a new lead, employees, a new boss, or a business correspondence, emails are a fantastic re-engagement communication channel, alongside other re-engagement channels like text messaging. 

Don’t forget, now that generative AI like ChatGPT has entered the marketing scene, there’s a new AI email marketing copywriter on your team. We’ll get more into that later.

When we talk about the best email opening lines, we’re talking about email opening lines and subject lines that:

  • Get more opens
  • Get more responses
  • Drive positive outcomes toward your business goals

Here’s the good news. You DO NOT have to have any formal education in the field.

This guide is here to help you with some tried-and-true email opening lines.

Get crafty when writing an email and see the power it holds! You can also make use of email marketing tools to supercharge your campaign.

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How Do You Start Off A Professional Email? 

Searching for some of the “Best Email Opening Lines at Work?” You owe it to yourself to come up with something better than “hope you’re well”, and we’ve got you covered.

If you have ever been on the receiving end of such emails, we are sure you know what we mean.

Thus, we bring a bag of goodies for you!

The Best Email Opening Lines If You Are Following Up

  1. As per our telephone conversation…
  2. I’m just checking in about…
  3. To get a follow up on our conversation…
  4. As discussed, …
  5. Would you be so kind as to provide an update on…
  6. I am getting back to you regarding…
  7. I wanted to circle back around to…
  8. I wanted to float this back to the top of your inbox…

The Best Email Opening Lines If You Are In A Formal Mood

  1. Good morning…
  2. Good afternoon…
  3. Good evening…
  4. I hope the pandemic hasn’t been too harsh on you…
  5. I hope you are well in these interesting times…
  6. I hope the week is going great so far…
  7. Allow me to introduce myself…
  8. I hope your day so far has been pleasant…
  9. I’m extending a hand for friendship…
  10. I hope your weekend was excellent…
  11.  I hope your week started out well…

The Best Email Opening Lines For A More Relaxed Greeting

  1. Thank you for your help…
  2. Thanks for the prompt response…
  3. It’s great to hear back…
  4. Your kind words have made my day…
  5. Your quick response is much appreciated…
  6. Thank you for getting in touch…
  7. Thanks for reaching out…
  8. I could use your advice…

The Best Email Opening Lines If You Want To Lift Spirits At Work

  1. We hope the week was only mildly boring…
  2. Hello from the other side…
  3. Hello! Hello! <mic testing>…
  4. I hope you have already had your morning cup of coffee…
  5. Yup! Me again!…
  6. I promise this mail isn’t as long as the last one…
  7. I hope you weren’t waiting for someone else’s message!…
  8. A ha! Another mail!…
  9. Happy ‘Not Monday’…
  10. Hold tight. The weekend is just around the corner!…

Offices have become synonymous with words like boring, life-sucking, parasitic, soulless, and many more superlatives of horrible.

Be the elusive “cool office” (or over-glorified cafe with free wifi?). 

Even if you’re on a WFH setup, stand out and have your team brimming with laughter and smiles as you add on these best email opening lines to send to your growing email list to keep their mood groovy at all times. 

After all, a happy employee = better performance!

Top Email Opening Lines We Are Okay With You Stealing To Drive Mad Engagement

If you think only the subject line holds importance in driving engagement and not the opening line, you are delusional!

The opening line is what truly enchants your receiver to read further than the subject line. 

Here are some of the best email opening lines to help you drive MAD engagement!

  1. Congratulations on… (pique their interest)
  2. Hello fellow… (shared interest)
  3. Dear (name)… (be personal)
  4. Did you know?… (ask a question)
  5. I saw your post on… (who…me?!)
  6. I noticed how well you… (who…me?!)
  7. I noticed that [company name] is [mention news about their company] (show that you’ve done your research)
  8. I saw that you are [activity inferred based on research, ie: “marketing your business on Facebook”]. How’s that going? (show that you’ve done your research, and value their experience)
  9. Your views on (X) are so similar to mine… (create a shared interest)
  10. I’m sure you will be glad to know… (offer them value)
  11. Quick question! (open a curiosity gap)
  12. Can you do me a favor? (open a curiosity gap)
  13. I hope you will lend your thoughts on…(value their input)

And the list goes on….

Best Email Opening Lines according to ChatGPT

We mentioned that AI is in your corner when it comes to generating engagement through email opening lines.

Here are opening lines for your next email straight from the AI copywriting brains at ChatGPT:

  • “Hello [Name], I couldn’t resist reaching out to you because…”
  • “I hope this email finds you in good spirits and ready for…”
  • “It’s a pleasure to connect with you regarding…”
  • “I wanted to personally congratulate you on…”
  • “I hope you’re having a productive week so far. I wanted to discuss…”
  • “As a fellow [industry/profession] enthusiast, I couldn’t help but notice…”
  • “Thank you for your interest in [product/service/event]. I wanted to provide you with more details about…”
  • “I hope this email brings a smile to your face, just like…”
  • “You’re probably wondering why I’m reaching out, but I have a feeling you’ll be intrigued by…”
  • “I wanted to share some exciting news with you that could greatly benefit your [business/project/goals].”

Why is AI so great for crafting email content?

Generative AI has quickly earned a name as an email copywriting tool for a few reasons:

  • Language Generation: AI models have been trained on vast amounts of text data from the internet, enabling them to understand and generate human-like language. This allows AI to create well-written and coherent email copy.
  • Pattern Recognition: AI can analyze patterns in successful email campaigns by studying large datasets. By identifying common structures, phrases, and tones that resonate with recipients, AI can generate copy that aligns with proven strategies.
  • Personalization: Effective email copy often requires personalization to engage the reader. AI can tailor messages based on recipient data, such as name, location, or past interactions, making the content feel more relevant and compelling. Personalization cuts through noisy inboxes. This is major.
  • A/B Testing: AI-powered email copywriting tools can conduct A/B tests on different versions of email copy to determine which performs better. Through automated testing and analysis, AI can optimize copy based on metrics like open rates, click-through rates, and conversions.
  • Efficiency and Scalability: AI can rapidly generate multiple variations of email copy, allowing marketers to test different approaches and find the most effective ones. Additionally, AI can handle large volumes of copywriting tasks, saving time and effort for marketing teams.

Have you used’s AI email marketing tools? Try for free to start sending hyper-personalized, high-converting automated emails from your business to your prospects.

While AI excels at generating copy, it can fall short on the emotional nuances and deep understanding that human copywriters possess. Think of AI as a tool at your disposal that can speed up and get you to the heart of human creativity and expertise faster, resulting in even more powerful email campaigns.

We hope you are no longer drawing a blank on how to write the best email opening lines.

Don’t waste another moment, go ahead and use the lines we have mentioned here.

Customer retention rate and engagement rates are sure to boost when you invest your time writing the best opening lines for your emails.

And fear not, this post is forever here to help you swim to shore in case you find yourself lost in the ocean of words, which are many!

Clever and intentional marketing is directly proportional to increased sales, higher ROI, and better numbers in the business altogether.

And if you are a small business, you should try all the best marketing tools for success. 

So, keep writing, keep revising, and take advantage of the plethora of digital marketing apps available that can enhance your copywriting (and revenue!). 

Bonus Moves To Extend The Power Of Your Email Opening Lines

Chat and messaging is the preferred communication channel for B2C companies and customers, with open rates 10X to 80X higher than other reengagement channels.

When you’ve mastered your email opening lines, you’ll find that they may translate to your chat openings as well.

Chat for marketing (lead generation, qualification, reengagement and retention) as well as sales support and customer service, starts with an ice breaker — opening a conversation to start a customer relationship.

Sound familiar?

Here are tips for the best opening lines for your customer communication, regardless of the channel. These are especially relevant for cold emailing and for breaking the ice to start a chat conversations.

  • Be personal. Use everything you know about someone to personalize your message. Examples for custom greetings (ice breakers) in chat:
    • Would you like help in finding the right-size bicycle for your kid?
    • Are you looking for a rental apartment, buying a home or condo, or selling your property?
    • Would you like help to find out if you have COVID-19?
    • Would you mind taking a brief survey about your customer experience today?
  • Customize your presentation. Tailor the experience based on the page the chat visitor is on, content they’ve interacted with, or other things you know about them.

Sign up for a free account or log into your existing account.’s outbound email platform lets you create messaging flows and automations for many of the popular messaging apps your customers already use to stay in touch.

You can capture emails in chat and send those emails into your marketing tech stack automatically!

Important Next Steps

Frequently Asked Questions on how to write the best email opening line

Q: What is opening line in email?

A: An opening line in email is the first few words or sentences in an email. The best email opening line is a sentence that captures the reader’s attention and makes them want to read more. Some good examples of email opening lines include:

  • I hope you’re having a great day.
  • I noticed that you’re interested in (topic).
  • Do you have any questions about (topic)?
  • Welcome to my company!
  • Thank you for your purchase!

Q: How do you greet in an email?

A: The best way to start an email is to personalize it (use their first name if you can), tailor the experience based on what you know about the reader, and make sure the message is relevant to them. 

Another scenario is using an icebreaker or a custom greeting.

Q: How do I start a friendly professional email?

A: The best way to begin a professional email depends on the situation and the relationship between the sender and recipient. 

However, some good opening lines for professional emails include introducing oneself, thanking the recipient for their time, or asking a question to get the conversation started.

You can also take a look at our article above as we’ve outlined different ways to start an email based on if it is a reply, an intro email, etc.

Q: What is the best way to start a conversation with a prospective customer?

A: The best way to start a conversation with current customers may vary based on the relationship between the customer and business. However, some good ice breaker questions to ask current customers include asking how they are, thanking them for their loyalty, providing them with information that is relevant or direct potential customers to a landing page or offer them a free consultation.

Q: What is the best way to start an email to a customer who has made a purchase?

A: A thank you message is always a good way to start an email to a customer who has made a purchase. 

Include information about how to use the product they purchased or provide them with support information. 

Additionally, you can offer them a discount on their next purchase or invite them to join your loyalty program.

Q: What is the best way to start an email to a customer who has unsubscribed?

A: The best way to start an email to a customer who has unsubscribed is usually with an apology. 

You can also ask them why they unsubscribed and see if there is anything you can do to change their mind. It may be helpful to your future efforts to understand why they unsubscribed and if it is something you may want to address.

Q: What should you avoid in your opening line?

A: You should avoid using generic messages, messages that are too salesy or pushy, and messages that are not relevant to the reader. 

Avoid sending multiple messages in a row without a response from the reader as well.

A/B test opening lines to get an understanding of what types of opening lines work for your audience, and view email campaign analytics to see what opening lines or content is causing unsubscribes.

Q: What can you do if your opening line is not getting a response?

A: If your opening line is not getting a response try sending a different message, a new angle, or rephrasing the original message. 

But also you should try a different approach, such as sending an offer or a request for feedback. 

Further, you can reach out to the reader on social media or try emailing them at a different time.

There are many ways to improve your email copywriting knowledge and practice as well, including online copywriting courses which often include email templates that you can use and customize.

Q: What is a warm greeting?

A: A warm greeting is a personalized message that uses the recipient’s name or a term of endearment. 

It is a way to start an email with a more personal tone and can make the reader feel that the message sent to them will deliver value.

Q: What is the best way to start an email to multiple recipients?

A: The best way to start an email to multiple recipients depends on the relationship between the recipients. 

However, some good opening lines for emails to multiple recipients include addressing them all by name, providing a brief update, or asking a question. 

Don’t forget to use a friendly opening line to make the recipients feel comfortable.

Q: What are good email subject lines?

A: Some good email subject lines include asking a question, providing a brief update, or including a call to action. 

Use a subject line that is relevant to the recipient’s interests. Additionally, you should try to avoid using vague or generic subject lines.

Stand out with funny subject lines, or use emojis. Most importantly, we know that personalization works best.

Q: What are some good ice breaker questions to start an email?

A: Some good ice breaker questions to ask a potential customer include asking about their business, what their pain points are, or what they are looking for in a product or service. 

Ask the recipient to share a little bit about themselves or direct potential customers to a landing page or offer them a free consultation.

Q: What should you avoid in your email to a customer who has made a purchase?

A: I don’t recommend using generic messages or messages that are too salesy or pushy. This customer has made a purchase. 

Connect with them and build your 1:1 relationship with them and personalize the conversation. Try to avoid sending multiple messages in a row without a response from the reader.

Q: How do I increase my open rate with the opening line of an email?

A: You can increase your open rate with the opening line of an email by personalizing the message, using a friendly opening line, or including a subject line that is relevant to the recipient’s interests. 

Q: How can I improve my email click-through rate with a compelling opening line?

A: Use a call to action in the opening line. If your email features a listicle style approach, include only a few of the list items, and ask the reader to click to get the full list.

Q: What should I do if my email recipient doesn’t open my email?

A: You should always schedule another email 24 hours after your original email to send to those who did not open the original email, with a new catchy subject line.

There are many things to consider when writing the perfect email opening line. By following these tips, you can create an opening line that will grab your reader’s attention and encourage them to continue reading.

Personalization is key, so always try to find a way to connect with the recipient on a personal level.

And finally, always remember to schedule a follow-up email for those who do not open the original email.

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