Agency Partner Mailer Profit Achieves Hypergrowth: 300% Lead Growth for Clients While Growing Its Agency Revenue 55%

Mailer Profit partnered with to grow their clients’ email lists with high-intent contacts who were likely to convert to customers. Their clients tripled their list sizes while achieving email open rates over 70%.

On top of their clients’ success, the referral payments Mailer Profit earned from increased their referral revenue by 55%.

Success Story

Mailer Profit grew clients’ email lists with high-intent leads identified by’s Website Visitor Identification Pixel. These leads were added to targeted, high-converting campaigns and generated $1.7 million in attributable revenue.

Mailer Profit’s clients averaged a 15x ROI. Mailer Profit won new clients based on this success and grew their referral revenue by 55%.

Client Results


in attributable revenue from


Average ROI


Open rate


average conversion rate

Agency Results


increase in referral revenue
Their Story

Growing client revenue through revolutionary email marketing strategies

Mailer Profit is recognized as a leader in email marketing solutions. Their “Branded Direct Response” email marketing strategy combines the persuasive, action-oriented techniques of direct response marketing with the consistent, brand-focused messaging of brand marketing.

Their team of experts has generated over $60MM in sales through email marketing., founded by internet marketing trailblazer Larry Kim, is a best-in-class Visitor Identification and Remarketing platform. Thousands of customers have used to grow the top of their marketing funnel and drive previously unidentified users to high-converting campaigns. Hundreds of thousands of growth marketers subscribe to’s newsletter and read’s blog for invaluable insights.

Their Goal

Fill client email lists with high-intent website visitors

Mailer Profit faced the challenge of enriching their clients’ email lists with visitors who demonstrated a high intent to engage and convert. In the crowded digital landscape, distinguishing and capturing the attention of such valuable prospects was crucial. The goal was not just to expand the lists but to enhance them with individuals who are most likely to contribute to substantial and sustainable growth through their interactions and transactions.
Their Solution

Agency partnership with

To address this challenge, Mailer Profit entered into a strategic partnership with As an Agency Partner, Mailer Profit receives a generous percentage of all payments made by its clients to Its clients receive dedicated Customer Success and onboarding from and incredible results.
Their Success

More sales for clients, great referral commissions for

The collaboration between Mailer Profit and has produced impressive outcomes:

Solutions Used

X-Ray Website Visitor Identification Pixel
Referral Partnership Program
Klaviyo Integration
Zarak, Owner, Mailer Profit

“Before partnering with, our growth trajectory was confined to the steady yet incremental expansion of our email lists, often relying on ads or other paid acquisition methods which are less scalable. As a result, we frequently reached a ‘plateau’, having optimized deliverability and email funnel content to its very upper limits. has been a catalyst, fundamentally transforming our growth equation by enabling us to pinpoint the highest intent leads — individuals who have shown genuine interest in our offerings and are actively seeking products and services in our market, all at an incredibly cost-effective rate.”

“We are now ushering our clients into a new era of inbound-led outbound emailing. This innovation isn’t merely an enhancement; it’s a reinvention of the entire email marketing process. Our clients are more than eager to leave behind the ‘dinosaur ages’ of email marketing and embrace this advanced, AI-driven approach. It’s attracting an unprecedented number of new clients, all excited to unlock the potential of this modern, sophisticated marketing strategy.”

Larry Kim, CEO,
“Mailer Profit’s approach to email marketing is nothing short of revolutionary. Their mastery in integrating our inbound-led outbounding email technology and AI tools has broken all industry standards, far exceeding what was previously thought possible in digital marketing. It’s their unique blend of creativity and technological prowess that transforms every campaign into a significant revenue generator. This exceptional capability is exactly why we strongly recommend Mailer Profit to all our customers and prospects. They are shaping the future of how businesses engage with their audiences.”

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