All-in-One Sales Outreach Platform for High Volume, High Value Lead Generation

Scale lead capture, qualification and conversion with Unicorn X-Ray website visitor contact resolution and automated outreach!

Multi-tool prospecting stack for sales and marketing

Manage your outreach efforts from one platform to identify ideal customers and launch high-converting sales outreach cadences automatically.

Capture +15% of anonymous site traffic

Scan website traffic and capture anonymous visitor contact info and web page visited to identify high-intent leads for your business.

Automate sales outreach cadences

Trigger sales outreach cadences to Unicorn X-Ray website visitor contacts using Signs of Life Detector (SoLD) to grow conversions.

Grow revenue opportunities

Drive demos and sales meetings with qualified leads — and notify sales when high-intent prospects enter your funnel.

What Is Unicorn X-Ray?

Increase website lead capture by collecting anonymous website visitor contact info & messaging them automatically! data network consists of hundreds of millions of opted-in Internet users scans your website traffic and provides Name, Email, Page URL they Visited, and IP Address Location of your site visitors

Sales outreach automation triggers: multiple follow-up emails and ability to segment by page they visited

See what customers are saying

Jesse Perreault

VP of Marketing, Car Loans Canada

 We have improved our ROAS 5x by capturing leads that abandon our landing pages using Unicorn X-Ray. This strategy has truly allowed us to achieve our marketing goals faster. The largest factor in our lead growth was equipping our marketing funnels with

Jay Rathell
Digital Marketer, Summit Academy is unquestionably the sales automation software of choice for businesses that rely on meetings to close sales. We’ve decreased our cost per lead 10X, and increased student enrollment 30%. We’ve used all the marketing engagement tools and combines the best features on the market in one easy-to-use platform.

D.L. Dye
Principal Business Development at Renown Cargo Trailers

We were up and running with Unicorn X-Ray website lead capture and social media contact capture in 20 minutes, and instantly solved a problem where we were leaving 33% of our leads on the table. This is Fortune 500 software for less than $150 a month!

Fill your sales pipeline

The All-in-One Multi-channel Sales Outreach Automation Platform for B2C and B2B2C Marketing & Sales

Collect Contact Info of Website Visitors

Identify 1 in 3 anonymous website visitors by name, email, IP-based location, and page they visited on your website using the Unicorn X-Ray network of +250M opted-in Internet users.

Automatically Message Website Visitors

Trigger personalized sales outreach cadences to Unicorn X-Ray contacts with available audience segmentation by page they visited.

Email Delivery & Multiple Sender Tools

Maximize sending capacity and deliverability to generate +50% open rate and +10% response rates of sales outreach.

Instagram & Facebook Lead Generation

Convert organic Instagram and Facebook engagement into qualified leads using 100%-Meta-approved DM automation funnels.

Instagram & Facebook Ad Tools

Decrease cost per lead acquisition through Meta ads connected to direct messaging or Unicorn X-Ray abandoned landing page contact resolution.

SMS Marketing Tools

Increase sales and booked sales meetings by messaging leads via text messages with 98% open rate. (Available in the U.S and Canada.)

Lead Alerts

Notify your team of qualified leads that express purchase-intent within your email and SMS correspondence.

Messaging Inbox

View and respond to prospect messages across email and SMS and automate rep assignment of qualified leads from prospects from the inbox.

Flexible Integration

Sync leads to your marketing tech stack including Slack, CRM, email and events using Zapier, native integrations, and custom integrations with the API.

Attribution & Analytics

See campaign performance analytics, automation analytics, and customer journey metrics so you can build reports to attribute your efforts to ROI.

We’ve developed flexible plans and pricing that empower your business. Startup

Automatically capture leads from website traffic and convert them with automated outreach sequences.

Starting at

$119 / Month

with annual plan

Start Free Trial
  • Up to 100 Unicorn X-Ray captured website leads per month
  • Automated outreach tools
  • CSV exports
  • Email technical support Team

Integrate sales outreach automation and website lead generation, with dedicated support and onboarding.

Starting at

$299 / Month

with annual plan

Get Started
  • Up to 300 Unicorn X-Ray captured website leads per month
  • Automated outreach tools
  • CSV exports, Zapier and native integrations
  • Dedicated support by phone and email

Targeted outbound marketing designed to scale

Increase website conversion rate 7.5X

Reduce cost per lead of traffic-generating marketing campaigns like digital ads and SEO by increasing website lead capture rate with Unicorn X-Ray website visitor detection.

Automate high-volume email and SMS outreach to high-intent leads

Launch conversion-driving sales outreach cadences to prospects using deliverability optimization tools like round-robin senders and engagement detection.

Instagram & Facebook ad integrations

Accelerate 24/7, targeted top-of-funnel lead generation with bots connected to Instagram and Facebook ad campaigns.

Dedicated representative with account optimization

Upgrade your account with a dedicated account rep and ensure your campaigns are optimized for your business goals.

Join thousands of marketers filling their sales pipeline with's all-in-one outreach platform

Lead Generation Tools

Capture contact info and intent signals like webpage visited of visitors to your website.

Maximize Deliverability

Generate best-in-class open and response rate for outreach with tools that increase delivery.

Campaign Analytics

Use campaign engagement signals to focus sales efforts on leads most likely to convert.


Tools to Scale Targeted Outreach Automation


Capture contact info of visitors to your website, segmented by page visited

unicorn x-ray lead generation
automated outreach builder


Create meaningful connections 24/7 with leads and customers visiting your website with automated, real-time outreach


Launch and optimize outbound messaging campaigns to generate leads and traffic from your target audience through Instagram and Facebook Ads
send message instagram dm ad
chat zapier integrations


Sync leads to your other marketing platforms like email, CRM and Slack for live lead alerts.


Understand the effectiveness and impact of campaigns with conversation reporting and audience segmentation tools
conversation analytics

Join Thousands of Brands Scaling Sales through Outreach Automation

Blog Posts for Digital Marketers

Sales Outreach FAQs for Digital Marketers is a sales outreach platform that supports Unicorn X-Ray Lead Generation by visitor contact resolution, and automated email and SMS outreach cadences.

When you sign up for, you will be walked through the steps to connect your business’s email and SMS channels. There are additional steps to install and configure Unicorn X-Ray Lead Generator visitor contact detection on your website.

Sure we can! is always here to be your partner in building your in-house marketing team’s expertise and success with sales outreach automation. With Enterprise, you receive a dedicated automation specialists who will provide account and campaign optimization on a monthly one-on-one call with you or our team. offers customers the option to add build-with-you campaign building services as part of our Premier Consulting. Schedule a call with our team to discuss what you need.

Rather than chat marketing templates by industry, has templates to accomplish your B2C and B2B2C marketing goals.

Quick-launch your chat marketing funnels for appointment bookings, email list building, SMS re-engagement, pre-sales support and more with templates in enables marketers to engage and convert prospects that visit your website using email and SMS outreach cadences and email deliverability tools to increase open rate, engagement and conversions.

Glad you asked! MobileMoney’s advanced outreach automation features include but aren’t limited to:

  • Detection of anonymous website visitor contact info that increases website lead capture 7.5X
  • Automated outreach cadences via email and SMS
  • Delivery maximization tools to scale the volume of outreach
  • Syncing lead data from to tens of thousands of business applications via Zapier and web hooks
  • Alerting your teams to high-intent leads
  • And loads more

Any time a message is sent via, it counts as a credit.

SMS messages count as 10 credits.

X-Ray Lead Generator contact capture counts as 10 credits. includes one user seat with additional users available for $10/month. Enterprise is designed for larger marketing teams and includes five user seats with additional users available for $25/month. Chat with our sales team to discuss your user management needs.

We wouldn’t have it any other way! Try for free for 7 days. That’s Unicorn X-Ray Lead Generator contact capture and automated sales outreach cadences, plus integrations to power lead syncs and alerts.

Want to learn more? is the multi-tool sales outreach automation platform designed to grow leads and sales through high-volume targeted outreach.

Let us answer any questions you have as you integrate targeted outreach to your marketing mix.

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Generate more leads and meetings for your sales team with automated inbound lead capture, qualification, tracking and outreach across the most popular messaging channels.

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