White Label Customers.ai contacts directly in HighLevel

With the Customers.ai + HighLevel integration, you can now white label and resell 5x more contacts directly on the platform your clients already know and love.

Take your agency to the next level!

The visions of HighLevel and Customers.ai are aligned really well. I'm really excited for our agencies and other companies out there in the ecommerce and lead gen space who will see real benefits from this integration.

Director of Business Development at HighLevel

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See how Customers.ai & HighLevel work together

Provide clients with intent-enriched contacts for targeted campaigns

Customers.ai intent information gives a more complete picture of the customer journey to amplify HighLevel automations.

Use Customers.ai’s lead and intent scoring to send HighLevel website visitor contacts, with segments based on:

And so much more to customize your email remarketing and increase re-engagement personalization.

Convert your clients' anonymous website visitors into leads

To the HighLevel Community -

I'm like you. I ran a successful marketing agency from 2008-2018, growing it from 0 to 20,000 clients and $0-55 million in revenue.

I understand the challenges of doing lead gen for clients and the need to keep on top of the latest thing. I wish I had something like this when I was starting out in the agency world.

The ability to capture visitors and sync them directly to High Level is a game-changer for marketing agencies and something every single marketer out there should be using.

CEO & Founder, Customers.ai

Integrate directly with

Power-up revenue expansion with Customers.ai + HighLevel integration

Grow your email list, drive more revenue from email, and increase purchases with Customers.ai direct integration with HighLevel.

Take your HighLevel agency to the next level!

HighLevel Integration FAQs

We support several different mechanisms for suppression. You can upload a Google Sheet or Text File of the list. You can also set up your export so that we only send new contacts to HighLevel or Shopify.
Yes, Customers.ai complies with CAN-SPAM, CCPA, and GDPR. We comply with GDPR by excluding email addresses owned by people in the European Union. We comply with CCPA by excluding email addresses owned by California residents. Learn more on our compliance page

100% yes! Agencies have some pretty sophisticated tech stacks, from the store to email platform to CRM and more. Customers.ai has a direct one-click integration for HighLevel, SendGrid, Google Sheets, and Mailchimp, and can send engaged visitors of your site to any platform your ecommerce business uses via Zapier integration.

HighLevel is a simple and powerful white-labeling tool for marketing agencies. Agencies and clients both love it for the simplicity of managing the entire spectrum of processes 

Activating Customers.ai ecommerce marketing automation is fast and simple with a direct integration to HighLevel! Begin by installing our cutting-edge X-Ray tool on your product pages. Next, turn on the HighLevel integration and it will automatically send emails from X-Ray to HighLevel.

Our email automation workflows extend far beyond the realm of abandoned cart reminders; they also encompass abandoned product view sequences. With AI-generated email copywriter sends dynamically generated re-engagement email based on the product viewed, driving more revenue from a fast-growing email list.


Generate more leads and meetings for your sales team with automated inbound lead capture, qualification, tracking and outreach across the most popular messaging channels.

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