The world's first Meta-approved social DM automation tools for for Creators, Coaches & Brands

InstaChamp by powers audience growth, instant engagement and sales funnels in Instagram and Facebook.

Save time and skyrocket audience growth, engagement and sales

with automated messaging for Instagram and Facebook to reply instantly to every comment, Story mention, Story reaction and DM

Grow your followers and fans through engagement

Use autoresponders to create instant gratification for fans and execute campaigns for audience growth leading to brand loyalty in Instagram and Facebook.

Respond to DMs automatically

Auto-respond to customer inquiries and sales questions to save your team time and let you jump in at the right time.

Boost visibility with fans and their friends

Expand your brand reach on Instagram with tools that incentivize post comments and Story Mentions! is a premier Instagram partner designing official tools for messaging automation on Instagram!

“We are thrilled that is launching InstaChamp messaging tools for Instagram.

The Messenger API for Instagram will now enable all businesses to connect with customers on their preferred messaging channel, while integrating existing tools and data to drive business outcomes.

By integrating the Messenger API for Instagram, businesses and developers can effectively scale messaging workflows to better own the customer experience and build more authentic relationships.

Konstantinos Papamiltiadis

Konstantinos Papamiltiadis

VP of Platform Partnerships at Messenger

Konstantinos Papamiltiadis

See what Instagram growth marketing experts are saying

Neil Patel

Top 10 Marketer by Forbes’s new Instagram Story Mentions, comments and DM features, I use and love. It’s so cool for marketers because engagement is the key to growth on Instagram.


Sue B. Zimmerman


We use to reply to clients quickly and get information they are looking for back into their inbox — without lifting a finger or spending hours upon hours replying manually to each message. It’s a game-changer.

John Lee

Author of Business Hack Book

I had given up on responding to Instagram DMs even though I had thousands of unanswered messages. With we get 10X more leads, more clients, and more revenues from Instagram.

Expand your Instagram and Facebook reach with Neil Patel's favorite DM automation tool

Upgrade your Facebook and Instagram Business and Creator accounts with instant engagement around the clock!

Reply to every direct message instantly

Brands receiving sales and support inquiries in Instagram and Facebook can reply to every message immediately to save your team time and serve customers fast answers.

DM fans who comment on posts and mention you in Stories

Send people who comment on your posts and mention you in their stories an automated follow-up message to thank them, reward them, enter them into a contest — the possibilities are endless.

Drive Instagram and Facebook traffic into sales funnels

Upgrade from hard-to-navigate “link in bio” link lists by sending hyperlinks to your relevant website content and lead capture pages via DMs

Automate replies to sales inquiries

Respond immediately to people who are interested in buying your products and services with questions that help you learn who the best clients are for your business.

Hear what Creators, Coaches and Brands are fired up about!

Kekoa MacAuley

Musician and Founder, Win with Influence

This campaign has freed my staff to focus on potential client interest from a more educated customer. For a growing business, this is critical.

Lauren Tickner

Owner, Impact School automations have been the best solution we could imagine. It makes our life much easier because it’s solved our greatest problem, which is making real contact with people who are looking for our services.
Rick Barter
Rick Barker

Founder, Music Marketing Vault keyword text message opt-in brought in 1,000 leads in 5 days!

Partner with us! Earn income as an InstaChamp Affiliate

Partner with as an affiliate and earn monthly recurring revenue for every customer you refer for the life of their account!

Earn 20% commission for every customer referral and 5% for every sub-referral — that’s money in your pocket every month by sharing a product that drives success and revenue from Instagram.

How does the InstaChamp Affiliate program work?

Join the affiliate program today!

InstaChamp enables you to INSTANTLY engage with and EASILY grow your following on Instagram and Facebook

This is what a streamlined customer communication messaging platform designed for the busy Creator or Brand manager looks like.


Drive growth for your business with instant engagement tools in InstaChamp


From customer service to sales, the Instagram DM inbox and Messenger inbox is a hub for commerce. Scale your ability to reply to DMs with InstaChamp’s DM autoresponder tool.


Direct message conversations boost your brand visibility with  those chatting with you. Create unique campaigns to promote multiple offers to your Instagram and Facebook audience by building campaign funnels based on DM keywords.


@mentions of your brand in fan Stories get your brand in front of their friends. Boost your brand reach by autoresponding to Story Mentions with thanks, contest entries or other incentives.

neil patel story mention thanks

Quick-launch InstaChamp automation tools save your team time and instantly satisfy shoppers and fans on Instagram and Facebook

InstaChamp Plans & Pricing

InstaChamp VIP Edition

Engage and monetize your tribe using direct messaging automation for Instagram DMs and Facebook Messenger.


Free Gift

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  • Story Mention, Q&A keywords and DM autoresponder tools
  • 10 branding-free sends
  • 250 contacts

What you get with VIP Creator & Influencer Edition:

  • Send text and images in DMs
  • DM responses for up to 5 keywords
  • Up to 5 different Story Mention replies

InstaChamp Platinum

Advanced Instagram & Facebook messaging automation and lead generation features to fuel your growth.

$19 / month


$9.95 / month

Get Started
  • Story Mention, Q&A keywords and DM autoresponder tools
  • 500 branding-free sends *
  • 1,000 contacts **

Everything in VIP Creator & Influencer Edition plus:

  • Respond differently based on conversation paths
  • DM responses for unlimited keywords
  • Unlimited different Story Mention replies
  • Collect phone numbers and emails in DMs


* Additional branding-free sends: $5/1,000

** Additional contacts: $10/500

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Social Media Messaging Automation Tools FAQs

InstaChamp is not like the Instagram and Facebook automation tools you may have seen before.

InstaChamp is officially sanctioned by Instagram parent-company Facebook itself.

The Facebook Messenger VP of partnerships even said he is “thrilled that is launching InstaChamp and Facebook messaging tools for Instagram.”

What does it mean that InstaChamp is brought to you by an official Facebook Business partner?

  • No risk of running afoul of Facebook and having your Instagram account shut down
  • World-class support for all your questions and issues
  • Tools to empower your full creativity in interacting with and engaging with your audience 24/7.
  • An opportunity to partner with as an affiliate, earning you monthly commission on every customer who you sign up for InstaChamp — for the lifetime of their account.

Sign up and upgrade your Instagram game today!

Automation is a friend to businesses in any situation where repetitive tasks happen or with activities at scale. chat automation tools are designed to give business owners simple but powerful tools to scale messaging across your customers’ go-to messaging channels.

Ready for this? InstaChamp is the world’s first Meta-approved, Instagram and Facebook dedicated DM automation tool!

InstaChamp by is powered by the one and only Meta Messenger API. Facebook and Instagram automation is supported via the Messenger API so that businesses can scale customer messaging capabilities on Instagram.

InstaChamp is the first tool dedicated to helping Creators, Coaches, Brands and Instagram Business accounts to automate direct messages.

With more time spent by shoppers in chat apps than on social media, your customers are looking to connect with your business in the messaging channels conveniently available on their phones including Instagram and Facebook Messenger.

Messaging with visitors means more sales conversation opportunities, more traffic to your website and more leads on your re-engagement lists.

Messaging with customers to support them automatically saves you and your team time, that critical resource there’s just never enough of.

Want to learn more?

InstaChamp by is for creators and coaches looking to increase social media ROI through instant engagement, audience monetization, and time savings.

If your focus is growing your Instagram and Facebook audience and selling more on those channels, sign up for your free InstaChamp account today.

We’re here to answer all your questions to support your business growth.

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Generate more leads and meetings for your sales team with automated inbound lead capture, qualification, tracking and outreach across the most popular messaging channels.

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Engage and monetize your tribe using direct messaging automation for Instagram and Facebook Messenger.


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