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" has a knack for identifying website visitors early in the funnel, which gives us more leverage and provides opportunities to capture sales that may have gotten away. For a team that’s all about pushing the envelope in ecommerce analytics, that’s exactly what we want to be doing."

Allen Finn
Director of Marketing

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Expand cart abandonment flows by 5-10X

Will you know about these visitors?

Visitor logged into account

Product added to cart
Product viewed
Anonymous website visitor
Visitor time on page

Shopify & Klaviyo Only

Shopify & Klaviyo

Shopify & Klaviyo Only

Visitor logged into account

Product added to cart
Product viewed
Anonymous website visitor
Visitor time on page

with Shopify & Klaviyo

Visitor logged into account

Product added to cart
Product viewed
Anonymous website visitor
Visitor time on page

Your customers are always telling you how interested they are. You just have to listen.

Customers show their interest in more ways than one

With lead & intent scoring, you can segment customers based on:
Time on page
Intent of page
Visitor history
Device type

Say hello to inboxes, goodbye to promotions and spam folders

AI-powered email deliverability

Achieve higher email engagement with:
Email validator
Automatic targeted campaign
AI email writer
Automatic engaged user identification
Klaviyo and Sendgrid integrations
Microsoft 360 and Google Workspace integrations

"Shopify store owners who aren’t using as part of their revenue recovery strategy are simply leaving money on the table. Their AI increases sales by enabling targeted and personalized messages to shoppers even if they haven't taken steps to create an account or put a product in their cart."

Aaron Orendorff
Head of Marketing at Recart
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X-Ray data is the perfect retargeting tool

Supercharge your ad spend

Pre-iOS 14 ad targeting ability
Improve ad performance by 5x with lookalike audiences
Maintain targeting ability without cookies
Meta-approved tools for managing social media engagement

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With, we have wowed our ecommerce clients with an increase of warm leads and the automated email engagement generates directly attributable revenue. It’s cost-effective and saves us tons of time.

Erik Huberman
Erik Huberman
CEO and Founder at Hawke Media
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Ecommerce Marketing Automation FAQs

Ecommerce marketing automation is using software and tools to automate various marketing tasks such as email campaigns and targeted advertising to improve customer engagement and drive sales.

Marketing automation helps ecommerce businesses to reach their target audience with personalized and relevant messages, improving engagement and driving sales. has a unique approach to ecommerce marketing automation for Shopify and online stores: We help you learn who is viewing your product pages and let you capture their name, email and pages they visited. Then you can send emails to them to get them back to your site and to give them special offers to convert them into customers.

One of the most high-impact revenue driving ecommerce marketing automation commonly used today is abandoned cart reminders — if someone is logged into your store and puts something in the cart but doesn’t buy, a business can email that shopper to remind them to check out. goes beyond abandoned cart reminders to let online stores automatically email someone who viewed a product but didn’t put it in their cart and who wasn’t logged into your site. This revolutionary technology has doubled ecommerce email revenue and massively grows a store’s email subscriber lists.

The benefits of ecommerce marketing automation include increased efficiency and productivity by generating leads at scale, automating repetitive tasks, improved customer engagement and retention through personalized and timely communication, better targeting and segmentation of customers based on their behavior and interests, and increased revenue and sales through targeted and automated marketing campaigns.

Getting started with is super simple! Install our X-Ray tool up on product pages. Then set up an email automation targeting those shoppers specific interests. Voila!

With X-Ray installed, an ecommerce store can acquire 20% of emails from your shopify visitors without popups. The email automation flows go beyond abandoned cart reminders and allow for abandoned product view flows. AI-generative email copywriter allows you to send personalized, high-converting emails to visitors to your site based on the product they viewed. has analytics built into the automation builder so you can always keep track of how your emails are performing.

Track ecommerce marketing automation metrics within including:

  • Number of X-Ray captured website visitors
  • Number of emails sent to X-Ray captured visitors
  • Open rate and click rate by individual email messages and across overall automations

Ecommerce marketing automation tools in include our X-Ray tool, which identifies 20% of anonymous U.S. visitors to your store, email deliverability tools like our Signs of Life Detector, and targeted email automation flows to send relevant emails to website visitors based on the products viewed in the online store.

At a high-level, examples of ecommerce marketing automation tools include:

  • Email marketing automation: Sending automated email campaigns based on customer behavior or triggered events such as abandoned product view reminders and follow-up messages.
  • Social media automation: Automating replies to comments and DMs in social media for inquiries and questions about products on Instagram and Facebook.
  • Customer relationship management automation: Segmenting customers based on behavior and preferences, and sending targeted messages and offers.

100% yes! Ecommerce stores can have some pretty sophisticated tech stacks, from the store to email platform to CRM and more. can send engaged visitors to your site to any platform your ecommerce business uses via Zapier integration.


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