Maximizing Ecommerce ROI with Visitor Identification & Segmentation

Last week, our Founder & CEO Larry Kim sat down with Sendlane Founder & CIO Jimmy Kim to discuss all things ecommerce ROI – we’re talking privacy updates, email deliverability, segmentation, intent, cart abandonment, and so much more.

It was a great conversation between two brilliant minds and two platforms that work really well together (check out Sendlane integration if you haven’t already). 

While we aren’t going to recap the entire thing (you can get the full replay here), we did want to cover a few of the highlights and showcase how ecommerce companies can drive more revenue with visitor identification and audience segmentation. 

Let’s dive in! 

Expanded Cart Abandonment Recovery

For ecommerce brands, capturing abandoned cart revenue is imperative. 

After all, with nearly 70% of people leaving their cart before purchasing, there is a LOT of money being left on the table. We’re talking $4 trillion dollars left on the table!

The problem is, you are only able to recapture a small percentage of people who abandoned their carts.


Well, unless they leave their email or they are already signed in, you don’t know who they are!

Until now.

With website visitor identification, you can capture an additional 20-30% of visitors who abandon their cart.  

Those people can be added directly to your existing abandoned cart flows, recaptured, and boom…more revenue!

It seems like a small thing but think about the incrementality of it all. 

If 100 people abandon their carts and you are currently only able to capture let’s say 20 of them, with, you are now capturing an additional 20-30 people. 

That is a big opportunity and one ecommerce marketers certainly don’t want to be missed.

[Check out our abandoned cart recovery capabilities]

Convert Facebook Ad Clicks to Email Revenue

We know that digital ads have gotten expensive. Between demand and pressure for tech platforms to be profitable, ad costs are at an all-time high.

Additionally, the loss of cookies and click IDs has made reach and performance a lot more difficult. (Don’t believe us? Check out this Facebook ads group.)

The problem is, with the average website retargeting signal degrading by +85% since 2019, we can’t rely on Facebook Ads like we used to. 

That doesn’t mean it’s not valuable though. 

In fact, with visitor identification and segmentation, you can 10x your Facebook ad reach and lower costs. 

Here’s how:

Expand Your Facebook Retargeting Audiences 

Capture your lower-intent website visitors and send them directly to your Facebook remarketing audiences (see here).

Turn Website Traffic Campaigns into Email Campaigns

Instead of running conversion-focused campaigns that tend to cost more, run website traffic campaigns, capture the visitor data of those people, and put them into targeted email campaigns. 

It’s simple and can save you a lot of money in the long run.​

Create Advanced Audience Segments for Engagement

Good marketing is all about intent.

I mean, how many times have you heard “right person, right channel, right time”? 

With advanced audience segmentation, you can do this much more effectively. 

Here are two examples using 

Example 1

A visitor comes to your site. They find a Boston Celtics hat they like, add it to the cart, and leave the site before checking out. 

They don’t leave their info but we’re able to identify their email and immediately add them to our cart abandonment flow. 

We are also able to add them to our Boston Celtics hat audience and sync it to Facebook, showing anyone who has viewed a Boston Celtics hat an ad featuring…you guessed it…a Boston Celtics hat. 

Because the intent is high here, these very specific emails and ads don’t feel obtrusive. They match the shopper intent and are personalized to the visitor. 

Example 2

A visitor comes to your site. They browse the Boston Celtics section of the site but they never visit an actual product page. 

We’re able to identify their email and we add them to our general Boston Celtics audience. 

This audience is then synced to a Facebook remarketing campaign targeting anyone who showed interest in the Boston Celtics. Our ad focuses on Boston Celtics sale items vs. any specific product.

The intent is low here so we need to be a bit careful of how we step. We want to bring them back but we don’t want to be too specific. 

The key is to segment your audiences are much as possible, giving you the best opportunity to reach them in a way they want to be reached. 

Maximize Your Ecommerce ROI with the Right Tools 

There is so much opportunity out there for ecommerce marketers when it comes to capturing more revenue. And we aren’t just saying this because we can help do it!

By combining with technologies like Sendlane and Facebook, you can make big gains with small changes. 

Don’t believe us?

Check out our case study with the Rich Dad Company. In just 30 days they saw real results and continue to use and Sendlane to this day.

See how we can help your ecommerce business maximize ROI and improve overall marketing performance. 

We have a free trial and are always happy to do a demo. Reach out to our sales team today!

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