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Robb LeCount, VP of Operations, The Rich Dad Company performs much better than our old tools. We struggled at first with 14-15% email open rates and it took a lot of effort to get to 32%. With we’re seeing 65-85% open rates … and it saves me a ton of time.

A proven toolkit for improving deliverability and scaling email campaigns

Automatic Engaged User Identification

We send an initial email to check if your leads are interested in hearing from you. If they don’t engage, we leave ‘em alone. Generate best-in-class open and click rates, save time, and save money.

Email Warm Up

Our system builds trust with email service providers by slowly ramping up sending volume from new addresses. Protect your domain reputation and sender reputation with our built-in email warmup tool.

Email Validator

Other systems leave you vulnerable to high bounces, crushing your deliverability. Our email validator weeds out dead addresses, spam traps, and unsafe emails. Minimize your bounce rate by rigorously checking that the addresses you’re sending to are real.

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Email Round Robin

Use multiple email senders to increase deliverability and reduce the likelihood of emails being marked as spam or blocked. Increase your sending capacity while protecting deliverability.

AI Email Customizer

Our AI tool uses intent data generated from your website visitor and consumer directory leads to build and write personalized campaigns that get more opens and clicks. Scale your email personalization.

SendGrid Integration

We integrate natively with SendGrid so you can leverage their massive capacity, dedicated sending-IPs, and more.

Email Deliverability Reports

We automatically test the deliverability of the email accounts and sending infrastructure you’re using. You’ll be notified right away of any changes to your deliverability.

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Getting emails into the inboxes of high-value prospects is just the beginning…

Step 1
Learn who’s visiting your site
Step 2
Design automated email journeys based on who they are and content they viewed
Step 3
Use AI to personalize emails to each recipient so they get opens and responses
Step 4
Ensure emails reach recipients with our proprietary email deliverability tech stack
Step 5
Hand off engaged leads to sales teams with alerts and integrations

Ready to engage leads, boost deliverability, and improve email ROI?

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Generate more leads and meetings for your sales team with automated inbound lead capture, qualification, tracking and outreach across the most popular messaging channels.

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Convert visitors into customers

Capture anonymous website visitor data, track the customer journey, and turn visitors into revenue.

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