Triple Whale

Triple Whale used B2B by to learn the business profiles and company information of visitors to their high-intent pages, like pricing and demo requests, identify potential agencies and partners, and grow their leads.

Their Story

About Triple Whale

Triple Whale is an industry-leading data analytics platform created for ecommerce companies built on Shopify.

Their mission is to democratize advanced technologies for the everyday entrepreneur and build an ecommerce-focused version of analytics that equips multi-channel merchants with the marketing insights they need in a fast-evolving online retail landscape.

Used by over 11,000 brands, Triple Whale has become the de facto analytics platform for DTC brands and ecommerce companies.

The Challenge

Navigating the B2B SaaS Sales Cycle

B2B sales is harder than ever, especially in the SaaS space. Along with the expenses that come with hiring and training BDRs, the fact that it takes over 200 touchpoints to close a deal, shows just how much work goes into acquiring a single customer. 

Even with the best marketing and sales teams in place, creating and nurturing demand is essential and companies have to figure out new ways to maximize reach and engage customers throughout the sales funnel.

The Partnership

Why Triple Whale Partnered with

Triple Whale, known for its amazing marketing presence and well-rounded content marketing machine, knows the work it takes to turn visitors into customers. 

That’s why they partnered with With a strong inbound marketing strategy already in place, Triple Whale wanted to accelerate the path to purchase. 

By identifying the website visitors being brought in by these inbound campaigns, Triple Whale was able to capture first-party data sooner and start engaging these visitors faster than ever.
The Result

How Triple Whale is Accelerating the B2B Sales Process

Understanding the time and effort it takes to turn visitors into customers, Triple Whale is using website visitor identification and email marketing automation to accelerate the sales process.

By leveraging visitor data and their existing email automation strategy, Triple Whale is working to reduce the number of touchpoints needed, shorten the conversion cycle, and lighten the load for the marketing and sales teams.

Early results are promising, with 1,500 leads identified and 1,200 emails sent in just three months.

More recently, Hubspot tracking codes were implemented, showing 13 sales opportunities in various stages of discovery in just two weeks. By capturing visitor data early on in the sales funnel, Triple Whale is able to connect with visitors faster and capitalize on the great work of their marketing team.

Solutions Used

B2B Website Visitor ID X-Ray Pixel
Signs of Life Detector
Zapier to Hubspot Integration
Allen Finn, Director of Marketing, Triple Whale

B2B sales, especially in the SaaS world, is a beast. With Triple Whale, we’ve always prided ourselves on our strong marketing game and our ability to turn browsers into buyers. But, it’s tough out there when you’re looking at 200-plus touchpoints to close a deal. 

That’s why we teamed up with Their knack for identifying website visitors early in the funnel gives us more leverage and provides opportunities to capture sales that may have gotten away. For a team that’s all about pushing the envelope in ecommerce analytics, that’s exactly what we want to be doing.

Larry Kim, CEO,

Triple Whale is a powerhouse when it comes to their marketing program. They’ve built an incredible inbound machine that’s driving a significant amount of first-party traffic. It’s genuinely impressive to see how they’ve mastered the art of marketing. Our collaboration is all about taking what’s already working phenomenally well for Triple Whale and amplifying it. 

By identifying and engaging with website visitors early in the funnel, we’re helping Triple Whale make the absolute most out of their first-party traffic. It’s about finding additional points of leverage in an already  exceptional marketing funnel. Together, we’re not just capturing data, we’re creating opportunities and accelerating the path to conversion. 

It’s a privilege to work alongside a brand as forward-thinking as Triple Whale, enhancing their already stellar marketing efforts with our technology.

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