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Customers.ai has helped tens of thousands of companies grow faster and more efficiently with sales outreach automation.

Customers.ai offer simple solutions to big problems. Find more, better leads. Get higher engagement rates with AI-powered email tools. Save time. Sell more. Make more money.

Our Team

Larry Kim

Founder and CEO
Larry Kim is the founder and CEO of Customers.ai, the world’s leading outbound sales outreach automation tools provider. Before Customers.ai, he founded WordStream, the leading provider of digital ad and keyword tools. The company manages billions of dollars of ad spend for tens of thousands of customers. WordStream was acquired by Gannett for $150 million. Larry is ranked the 8th most popular author on Medium. He’s a contributor to CNBC and Inc. Magazine. Key interests include: outbound marketing, AI tools, startups, and sales outreach. He received Marketer of the Year awards from Search Engine Land, US Search Awards, and PPC Hero. He studied Electrical Engineering at the University of Waterloo in Canada and has a 9-year-old and a 5-year-old who keep him busy. Read all about Larry Kim, Customers.ai’s Founder.
Olivia Ayuso VP Finance and Operations Customers.ai

Olivia Ayuso

VP of Finance

Olivia Ayuso is the VP of Finance at Customers.ai. She oversees all financial matters at Customers.ai.

She has more than a decade of experience as a strategic finance and operations leader. Driving revenue growth at SaaS businesses is her specialty.

Virginia Nussey

VP of Marketing

Virginia is the head of marketing at Customers.ai, helping B2C businesses find their customers online. Since joining Customers.ai in 2018, she’s helped scale the company from zero to millions of users who use automation for lead generation, sales, retention and engagement.

She received her master’s degree in journalism at Syracuse University and harnessed the power of SEO during her 10-year tenure at a premier SEO marketing agency in Los Angeles.

Bill Connolly

VP of Customer Success

Bill Connolly is the VP of Customer Success at Customers.ai. He leads a team responsible for making sure customers are well supported and maximizing their value.

Bill is an experienced Customer Success leader who is focused on increased customer satisfaction, retention, and revenue growth. His expertise is building customer-centric teams and processes, especially during times of hyper-growth.

Vlad Babarykin

Senior Engineer

Vlad has vast experience making software/web ideas a reality, with his experience spanning roles of a software developer, a manager and a founder. Vlad brings full-stack development, DevOps and AI expertise to Customers.ai, as well as 10+ years of managing teams of dozens developers.

Vlad has educations in Linguistics and Computer Science. As a hobby Vlad teaches Chinese martial arts.

Andrew Stefano

Andrew Stefano

Head of Operations

Andrew Stefano is the Head of Operations at Customers.ai. He oversees day-to-day business operations and ensures the successful delivery of internal projects.

Before joining the tech industry, Andy pursued his passion for teaching as a high school history teacher. Andrew has over a decade of experience in both education and SaaS. His unique perspective enables him to develop innovative solutions to complex challenges.

In his free time, Andy enjoys pub trivia and spending time with his family.

Our Investors

Kevin O’Connor

Kevin O'Connor is the Managing Partner at ScOp VC. He founded DoubleClick, an ad technology which sold to Google for $3.1 billion.

Dave Blundin

Dave Blundin is the Co-founder and Managing Partner of Link Ventures. He founded DataSage, which sold in a stock deal for over $1 billion.

Dominic Lloyd

Dominic Lloyd is the Managing Director at Link Ventures.

Mark Schneider

Mark Schneider is the Chairman of New York Angels.

Paul Curbo

Paul Curbo is the lead investor of the Flourish Fund.

Dwyer Dennis

Dwyer Dennis is the Executive Vice President of Dayton Aerospace. He served as a Major General in the United States Air Force.

Bruce Hack

Bruce Hack is an investor. He previously worked as the Executive Vice Chairman of Activision Blizzard and the Executive Vice Chairman of Universal Music Group.

Ed Wilson

Ed Wilson is the President & CEO of Pinnacle Strategic Consulting. He served as the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Cyber Policy.

Dan Zitting

Dan Zitting is an entrepreneur. He previously led Galvanize to a sale at a $1 billion valuation.

Glen Lewy

Glen Lewy is the Senior Managing Director at Hudson Ventures.

Phillip Thune

Phillip Thune is the CEO of Adthena, a search intelligence platform.

Brian Dean

Brian Dean is the founder of Backlinko. He’s an internationally recognized SEO expert.

Yair Goldfinger

Yair Goldfinger is the Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of AppCard. He Co-founded Dotomoi, an online advertising company acquired by ValueClick.

Max Faingezicht

Max Faingezicht is the co-founder and co-Ceo of Telescoped, a company that helps remote software developers reach their full potential.

Adam Blake

Adam Blake is the co-founder and co-Ceo of Telescoped, a company that helps remote software developers reach their full potential.


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