26 Sales Enablement Tools to Increase Sales Productivity

Today I’m going to show you how to superpower your sales team with sales enablement tools designed to help you improve processes, increase productivity, and close more deals.

If your sales reps can’t access the resources they need to sell products and services, they’ll inevitably get stuck in a donkey situation—with inefficient systems and lackluster results.

But with the right sales enablement software, your team can streamline the sales process, find more unicorn leads, and generate more revenue.

So how can you forge a path to Unicorn Land? Here’s your map:

What is sales enablement?

Sales enablement is the process of giving your sales team the tools, information, and resources they need to clarify your unique selling proposition (USP) and differentiate your company from the competition.

With a strong sales enablement strategy, your team can gain useful insights and automate time-consuming steps of the sales process—so you can close more deals and secure more business.

24 Top Tools for Sales Enablement

Sales enablement solutions help your team manage everything from prospecting to lead qualification. Let’s look at the top tools in each category.

Sales Enablement Tools for Outreach Automation

With outreach automation tools, your team can add more unicorns to your sales funnel.

1. Customers.ai FunnelPro Inbound Lead Follow-Up

When you want to scale sales outreach with prospecting data for your business, Customers.ai FunnelPro can help. With MobileMoneky, you can automate both inbound lead capture and sales follow-up using platforms ranging from Instagram and Facebook to email, SMS and web chat.

https://venngage.com/blog/how-to-create-a-newsletter/Want to see this sales enablement tool in action? From those following you on Instagram and Facebook, to the website visitors researching your solutions, to your long-time email newsletter or text message club subscribers — sales enablement automation will help you identify who the hot opportunities are among your leads.

Customers.ai makes sure you never miss a lead by tracking and following up with leads across the most popular customer messaging channels. Take a look at this sales outreach automation we built for our done-for-you Unicorn Booker program.

First, we set up an Instagram comment autoresponder that automatically DMs prospects who leave a comment with a specific keyword. Right away, we ask for email addresses and mobile numbers so we can follow up with qualified prospects.

Next, we ask some qualifying questions, including average deal size and monthly ad spend. Then we use our Unicorn Detector to filter out the donkey leads and move the unicorn leads to the next stage.

Finally, the automation sends an automated text message to unicorn leads, prompting them to book a time on Customers.ai CEO Larry Kim’s calendar. Boom! We’ve got another lead you can follow-up with in email and SMS, automatically using any of your customers’ favorite messaging platforms from social — Instagram and Facebook — to web chat and SMS.

2. Chili Piper

Designed to help your sales team book more meetings, Chili Piper automates outreach and distributes leads to the right reps so your team can fill pipelines more efficiently.

3. SalesLoft

With SalesLoft, sales reps can manage outreach activities, follow up with leads, and access the insights they need to win deals.

Sales Enablement Tools for Prospecting Data

With prospecting tools, your team can find more potential leads and expand your customer base.

4. Customers.ai RoboBDR: B2C + Creator/Influencer Data

Whether you’re looking for potential customers on your social channels or on your website, Customers.ai RoboBDR is your prospecting partner. Designed for sales teams and business owners, this tool helps you find your ideal customers via business’s unicorn leads using Sales Outreach Automation and Prospecting Data for companies of all sizes.

Curious how Customers.ai can enhance your prospecting process?

First, Customers.ai’s consumer database of 100M+ creators, influencers and B2C prospects help you search and connect with your ideal customers.

With your prospects with intent identified, an automated sales outreach can be sent via email and SMS to greet them and education them about your products and services.

When visitors choose one of the six options, our chat automatically takes them to the relevant dialogue.

After a quick quiz, Customers.ai offers a gift—a getting-started guide or a list of top tactics related to the topic. Then the chat automatically collects the prospect’s email address or mobile number.

A notification can be set up to alert the sales team of a high-intent, ready-to-buy prospect chatting with your organization.

Boom! We’ve got a new prospect in our funnel via automated sales enablement — without having to spend any time on manual tasks.

5. Clearbit

With Clearbit, you can access the marketing intelligence your team needs to identify, engage, and convert your company’s ideal customers.

6. DealHub

As a zero-code platform, DealHub streamlines your revenue workflow—so your team can improve prospecting and produce more predictable pipelines for your business.

Sales Enablement Tools for Competitive Intelligence

Competitive intelligence tools allow your team to position your solution more effectively.

7. Crayon

With Crayon, you can track and analyze competitors’ activities, gathering intelligence that your sales team can use to win deals and compete more effectively.

8. Klue

As a competitive enablement platform, Klue delivers insights and content your team can action on to build a bigger market share and outperform the competition.

9. Kompyte

With Kompyte, you can automate competitive analysis, enabling your team to develop successful strategies and land more deals.

10. Plecto

Plecto centralizes all your key sales KPIs onto one, real-time dashboard, enabling you to take instant action on your sales data.

Sales Enablement Tools for Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRM tools are ideal for storing customer data and conversation details.

11. Close

Designed for remote sales teams, Close captures every sales call, email, or SMS message to help reps close more deals while working asynchronously.

12. HubSpot

With HubSpot, your sales team can build a powerful CRM to start conversations on a better note, build deeper relationships, and manage sales pipelines successfully.

13. Membrain

As a sales enablement CRM, Membrain streamlines your sales process from prospecting to winning deals to growing top-performing accounts.

Sales Enablement Tools for Lead Qualification

With lead qualification tools, your team can pursue prospects that are most likely to buy.

14. InstaChamp

With InstaChamp, you can easily identify qualified leads—effectively separating the unicorns from the donkeys. InstaChamp is a social DM automation tool that enables creators and coaches to save time on lead qualification using Instagram and Facebook autoresponders. Since it can automate the follow up to DMs and comments, this sales enablement tool can save your team tons of time and hassle.

Wondering if it could work for your company? Take a look at a live lead qualification demo by DMing “QUALIFY” to the Instagram account @test_instachamp.

We set this automation up as an Instagram keyword trigger. That means anyone who DMs us with the keyword gets this auto-reply on Instagram.

First, we set the keyword that will trigger this automation, but you can also have the automation set to follow-up with anyone who messages you.

Ask some questions to find out more about what they’re interested in, looking for, and contact details so we can follow up with qualified leads later.

Then we send over a link to book a sales call when the lead is qualified.

InstaChamp autoresponders are used by creators, coaches, influencers and businesses to generate leads and increase sales from their Instagram and Facebook efforts.

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15. Pathmonk

As a sales and marketing automation tool, Pathmonk uses artificial intelligence to determine intent, sort leads, and assess deal value—enabling your team to pursue the most qualified leads.


Designed for outside sales teams, SPOTIO manages sales activity and fills your sales pipeline with qualified leads—so you can avoid wasting time on prospects who aren’t ready to buy.

Sales Enablement Tools for Content Management

These tools act as a knowledge base, providing easy access to sales and marketing materials.

17. Highspot

With Highspot, your team can manage a complete library of sales content so sales reps can access the right information at the right time and understand the impact of each asset.

18. Mediafly

Mediafly lets marketing and sales teams share relevant content and access key insights while engaging potential customers—so sales reps can lead more successful conversations.

19. Seismic

With Seismic, your team can find and personalize content necessary for nurturing leads and closing deals—so you can speed up sales cycles and convert customers more efficiently.

20. Storylane

Storylane is an interactive demo platform that lets sales teams replicate their product in the form of custom demos that can be tailored to unique personas. These demos cater to multiple use cases such as product walkthroughs, demo leave-behinds, implementation guides, onboarding checklists, etc., and see higher engagement and improved conversions.

Sales Enablement Tools for Conversation Intelligence

With team communication tools, your sales team can share relevant information efficiently.

21. Chorus.ai

Chorus.ai records and analyzes sales calls to determine which behaviors tend to lead to positive outcomes—so your team can continually learn and improve.

22. Dooly

With Dooly, you can achieve complete sales pipeline transparency and get real-time sales coaching to help your team overcome objections during sales calls.

23. Outreach

Outreach offers visibility throughout complete sales cycles, closing the sales execution gap with a combination of revenue and conversation intelligence.

Sales Enablement Tools for Sales Training

Sales training tools onboard and upskill your sales team while simplifying processes.

24. Ambition

With Ambition, you can track sales performance, monitor productivity, and essentially gamify the sales process. This platform also provides sales coaching to upskill your team.

25. MindTickle

As a sales readiness platform, MindTickle is designed to build sales managers’ knowledge bases while analyzing performance and identifying key areas for improvement.

26. Process Street

With Process Street, you can maintain a record of all your team’s processes—covering everything from sales to customer success.

Get Started With Essential Sales Enablement Tools

With the right resources, you can increase sales productivity, close more deals, and lead your team to Unicorn Land. Start improving prospecting, outreach, and lead qualification with a free Customers.ai trial—and find your unicorn clients.

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