Restore Ad Retargeting, Conversion Tracking & Attribution

Get back ad retargeting audiences + conversion tracking lost due to cookie deprecation

Improve Meta Ads performance with visitor identification.
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How does Super CAPI improve Meta Event Match Quality Score and CPA?

Higher Event Match Quality Score reflects more accurate sales attribution to your ads and delivery to audiences more likely to convert, resulting in better ad performance and lower cost per action. Super CAPI can improve Meta Event Match Quality Score, optimize audience delivery and increase attribution vs. Meta pixel and Meta Conversions API (CAPI) alone.

Supercharge your paid media spend

Depressed conversion rate? Not on your watch.

See 2-3x higher conversion rates by leveraging your first-party data in a privacy-compliant manner, far surpassing Facebook Advantage+ or interest-based ad targeting methods.

Stifled remarketing reach? Not your problem.

Your website visitor data feeds your remarketing audiences. Get back the ability to target users who have recently engaged with your site and see 2-3x higher engagement rates and significantly lower costs per click.

Rising cost per lead? Never heard of it.

Marketing spend is way more efficient when you’ve got AI helping to reveal who’s visiting your site, pages they view, referral source, how likely they are to buy — and can cross-channel nurture them.

Don’t rent your data. Own it.

With the loss of 3rd party cookies, ad scripts have become significantly less effective and will be 100% dead by mid-2024. Replace broken 3rd party ad pixels with your own first-party ad pixel.

By integrating the Meta Ads API, businesses and developers can effectively scale workflows to better own the customer experience and build more authentic relationships.

Konstantinos Papamiltiadis
VP of Platform Partnerships at Messenger

Enrich ad visitor profiles with robust consumer or company data

Add +10,000 buyer intent signals like lifestyle, family, income, interests, and demographics to website visitors to use for audience targeting, segmentation and personalization.

See the next generation of digital ads visitor analytics and enrichment before the rest of the advertising world.

Build proprietary audiences across ad platforms

With first-party data enrichment, you can build custom audiences and extend advertising reach across platforms like Google, TikTok, and LinkedIn.​

100% compatibility with Facebook CAPI

Our Cookie-less Facebook Ad Pixel Replacement is fully compatible with the Facebook Conversions API (CAPI). 

Think of our solution as a Pre-CAPI layer, adept at recovering ad remarketing audiences and integrating them into your Audience Manager—a capability once offered via Facebook Ad Pixel, but not directly offered by CAPI.

100% privacy law compliant technology

We safely and securely encrypt visitor data before sending to any ad platforms, ensuring data is safe and eliminating any privacy issues.

First 500 ad landing page visitor contacts free.
No credit card required.


Reduction in Cost Per Lead


Email Capture Rate has given us a massive influx of warm leads. The AI helps us capitalize on visitors immediately which has given us the confidence that our ads can accomplish whatever goal we have for them.

Nick Betts
Marketing Director, Agile Off Road

Convert website visitors into first-party contacts with X-Ray​

Learn visitors name, mobile number, email and more to restore ad retargeting and attribution that were lost in Chrome, Safari and iOS.

The Old Way to Populate Ad Retargeting Audiences

Ad remarketing and marketing attribution is nearly completely dead due to changes in iOS, Chrome, and other platforms.
Step 1.

Visitor lands on site and cookied for anonymous matching

Step 2.

Visitor added to website visitor retargeting audience

Step 3.

Cookie deleted (or never allowed) by browser or iOS

Step 4.

Reachable retargeting audience shrinks

The New Way to Populate Ad Retargeting Audiences

Recover high-converting retargeting audiences and restore analytics with cookie and ad script resurrection using X-Ray website visitor identification.
Step 1. converts website visitors into durable first-party data: email, name and more

Step 2.

Encrypted visitor data added to retargeting audience with intent signals to increase ad relevance

Step 3.

No limit to retargeting ads powered by contact ID that you own

Step 4.

Reachable retargeting audience restored to pre-iOS 14 and cookie deprecation levels

As someone deeply concerned about the diminishing effectiveness of traditional ad pixels due to privacy regulations and the deprecation of third-party cookies, this tool is a game-changer.

The ability to remarket to our website visitors without relying on the increasingly obsolete Facebook Pixel will preserve and enhance our remarketing capabilities. I think this tool alone will yield a 2-3X increase in conversion rates—seriously.

The seamless compatibility with Facebook CAPI is also been a crucial advantage. This Pre-CAPI layer recovery and integration capability have essentially revived a function we thought was lost with the deprecation of third-party cookies.

Isaac Rudansky
CEO, AdVenture Media Group

2023 INC 5000 Fastest Growing Company in America & ICONIQ Capital + G2 Essential Tech Stack

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See how many quality leads you're missing for your website ad retargeting and attribution!


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