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We’re so confident that you’ll get more and better leads for your business using that we guarantee it or your money back. More Leads Money-Back Guarantee Seal Blue

Here’s our guarantee: If fails to generate 50 leads, 120 days after all Required Activated Automations are met, we will issue a full refund on the cost of the 120 days of service. The More Leads Money-Back Guarantee only applies to annual subscriptions or plans with signed annual agreements and does not apply to RoboBDR™️.

We’re here to help. offers assistance to help customers execute the Required Activated Automations of the Money-Back Guarantee. If you are a current customer with a Customer Success Manager, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager to discuss activating Required Activated Automations on your account. If you are not a current customer or do not have a Customer Success Manager, please apply for an activation consultation here.

How to Qualify for the More Leads Money-Back Guarantee

Customer agrees to activate 4 out of the 5 messaging services including: Instagram Service Activation, Facebook Messenger Service Activation, Website Service Activation, SMS Service Activation (SMS Automation Service Activation required and supported for U.S. and Canada only), and Email Service Activation.

Read the details of Required Activated Messaging Services to understand activation requirements for Guarantee eligibility; these services need to be activated and running for an uninterrupted 120-day period.

Required Activated Messaging Services

The activation of 4 out of 5 Required Activated Automations are required as defined below. These services must be activated and running with no interruptions for a 120-day period. If SMS is not eligible for activation based on location, the remaining 4 services must be activated.

1. Instagram Service Activation

  1. Edit and activate the Instagram DM Responder.
  2. Activate at least 1 Instagram Catch-All Comment Autoresponder.
  3. Post 1 Instagram Main Feed post at least every two weeks during the 120-day duration.

2. Facebook Messenger Service Activation

  1. Edit and activate the Facebook Page Welcomer.
  2. Activate at least 1 Facebook Catch-All Comment Autoresponder.
  3. Post 1 Facebook Main Feed post at least every two weeks during the 120-day duration.

3. Website Service Activation

  1. Install and activate the Website Chat widget on at least 1 page of your website.
  2. Install and activate the Unicorn X-Ray scanner on 2 or more pages of your website.
  3. If web traffic is under 100 unique visitors per month, spend $50 or more on Facebook ads to generate website traffic.

4. SMS Service Activation (Only supported in U.S. & Canada)

  1. Activate SMS Phone Number.
  2. Execute 1 SMS Chat Blast to a minimum of 10 contacts.
  3. Activate 1 ongoing SMS Drip Campaign sent to an audience connected to an active automation.

5. Email Service Activation

  1. Execute 1 outbound Email Automation to a minimum of 100 contacts.
  2. Activate 1 ongoing Email Automation connected to all net new contacts generated from Unicorn X-Ray.

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