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How to Set Up Automatic Greeting Messages for Business on SMS, Facebook, Instagram, and Websites

We live in an era where attention is in demand. It’s never been easier to get considering we all carry around a tiny and sophisticated advertising medium in our pockets. 

As a business owner, you want to attract your ideal customers to appreciate and connect with your brand. 

Being attention-seeking might be a good thing. But no one wants boring texts or emails with desperate hard-sales. 

When you want to earn your customer relationships, a customer-centric automatic greeting message for your business can be the right tool to deepen a customer’s understanding of your brand’s value while saving your team time via instantly triggered automation.

Let’s make your audience fall head over heels with your brand by combining the powers of automation and a welcome greeting message for business.

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Why Choose Automation Over The Good Ol’ Manual Welcome Message?

Automating messaging, i.e. setting up messages that send to your audience based on a trigger or scheduled timing, makes your job easier, of course! 

Instead of saying “thanks and welcome!” to every new subscriber, everyone who signs up for an event, everyone who opts-in to your newsletter… you can set up your greeting message to send automatically.

Also, automatic greeting messages guarantee that the message never fails to reach its recipient when the desired action is taken.

You get to decide the content of the message, personalize it, and add the right mix of elements to win your customers over. 

Who doesn’t love a well-crafted message in their inbox as soon as they perform an activity?! 

Did You Know:

  • Seventy-six percent of newsletter subscribers expect a welcome email immediately upon signup. 
  • Customers who receive a welcome email are 33 percent more engaged with your brand. 
  • Welcome emails have an average open rate of 50 percent, making them 86 percent more effective than regular newsletters. 

Automatic greeting messages for business make an impact in your audience’s mind, allowing them to recall your warm and fuzzy greetings and further building upon your brand image. 

Much like how other mundane tasks are vanishing from our lives, automating your “welcome committee,” aka the different messaging apps, could make your life easier. 

How Do You Write A Welcome Message?

For starters, a welcome message should always contain the purpose of the conversation. 

It could be a simple, friendly greeting, or you can start with well-wishes for an upcoming holiday. 

Here are a few tips and samples you can use:

Welcome Message Tips: 

  • Don’t forget to add a brief description of your business at the end of your message or weave in a self-promo plug earlier in the message if you can be smooth about it. 
  • Don’t be boring! No one likes a grumpy welcome or a generic rip-off from your old greeting cards. 
  • Add some visual elements, personalize it! Add some character and flavor that your audience will appreciate. 

Welcome Message Samples: 

  • “Hi there, thanks for signing up to keep in touch with XYZ. We will keep you in the loop on important updates, and you will never miss a special offer.”
  • “We’re so happy you’re here! Here is a special discount code just for you:”
  • “Thanks for signing up! Stay tuned for our latest news, updates, and special offers. Cheers to the start of a wonderful digital relationship!”

Can A Welcome Message Affect Your Business’s Success?

A welcome message helps your potential client/customer to connect with you more and make their customer experience better. 

Automatic greeting messages for business can be much more meaningful than a pleasantry. A proper greeting can ultimately be tied to your business’s success. 

As the kick-off to your new line of communication, a greeting message holds the power to boost your sales and improve your chances of retaining your customers. 

Sound like a win-win?

What Is A Good Automatic Reply Message?

An automatic reply message should answer in a way that satisfies the person at the other end. 

Always, ALWAYS over-deliver by clarifying a finite time and clearly stating the terms. 

Another idea to keep in mind is to give the customer more options to continue talking to you, say, via a live chat or a phone call. 

Most importantly, be human! Or make your chatbot act like one!

Setting Up Automatic Greeting Messages For Business On SMS

Whether you are an Android or an iOS user, the doors of automated SMS are open and waiting for you to take advantage. 

Just a few taps away, and you’ve earned valuable brownie points with all of your correspondents.

The best way to automate your texts via SMS is to use an app that enables you to do so. 

We recommend, of course! works on all devices, across all channels, in a single platform! 

With’s OmniChat businesses are able to create automations that work simultaneously across web chat, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, SMS, and more!

Automatic Greeting Messages For Business Setup Tips:

  • By creating segmented lists, you can reach portions of your list with something in common, like their interests, their location, and relevance for content and offers.
  • Segmented lists are also a great way to create campaigns for special days like birthdays and anniversaries. Most apps allow you to add them to a calendar to set up a personalized message of your choice.
  • is a user-friendly interface for growing your SMS list, scheduling your SMS campaigns (including automatic welcome greeting messages for new members of your audience) and integrating your SMS subscribers with your other marketing systems.’s drag-and-drop coding-free SMS blaster is the easiest tool available for automating a mass message to an audience with a visual campaign builder. 


How To Setup An SMS Drip Campaign For More Sales

Automatic greeting messages for business are fantastic tools, an SMS blaster is even better, but how about an automated drip marketing campaign via SMS text?

SMS open rates beat email 5X over email and are the best form of drip campaign currently available to marketers. With a response rate of 45% vs email response rates of 6%, according to MarketingProfs, you can’t afford not to give SMS drip campaigns a try. 

There are many uses for an SMS drip, such as the ability to easily onboard and welcome customers, scale communications as your grow your brand, and increased engagement and sales. 

It’s easy to set up with! Here’s how:

Step 1: Setup a marketing automation drip campaign 


Begin by building the content the same as you would with an email drip campaign. It’s super easy using the drag-and-drop visual chatbot editor.

Name your campaign and select SMS for your drip campaign. 

Bonus Tip: If you are using’s OmniChat, you can send the SMS drip you just created across multiple channels: SMS, email, Facebook, and more!

Select your audience and decide on a schedule for timing your drip campaign delivery. 

Step 2: Use the StartBot Editor

Choose from a rich selection of widget magic in the handy StartBot Editor to build out your chatbot from start to finish. 

Step 3: Set the drip campaign schedule

If you haven’t already, narrow down your audience and delivery schedule using the drop-down selections. 


That’s it! You can add as many drips as you want. 

Sit back and watch the leads roll in, become pre-qualified, and delicately nurtured by your autoresponder and drip campaign. 

How did you live before this? 

Embrace Your Emails, But Send More Of Them

Email lists are one of the most underrated aspects of marketing. Even when brands take social media management to near perfection, many tend to ignore the gold mine that email lists are. 

Think about taking it up a notch, and send automatic greeting messages for business whenever they subscribe to any of your services, peruse your content, or like your page.

Every marketer has their personal favorite email marketing tools and software, but even your fundamental Microsoft Outlook and Gmail accounts encourage automatic email responses. 

Just navigate to your ‘General Settings’:


Then scroll down until you find the vacation responder options. 


Did you know that you can schedule emails to send in advance? So, if you are burning the midnight oil, just hit the drop-down arrow on the ‘Send’ button and hit ‘Schedule Send’ for an early a.m. reply. 


Your Go-To Options To Set Up Automatic Messages For Business On Facebook

Facebook might be getting older, but it still has the largest active audience! That means your Facebook messaging game deserves a boost. 

Sending automatic greeting messages is as easy as setting up an account on the platform.

Click on the ‘Settings’ button of the page under your management, and then find ‘Messaging’ on the panel. You will find a sub-section that says, “Turn on Messenger greeting for your page.” Turn it on. 


Don’t forget to customize it and save the greeting

Now that you have a basic automatic greeting message for business set up on Facebook, let’s take it further. 

Setup An Autoresponder 

Let’s guide your visitors straight into your marketing funnel! 

With’s simple drag-and-drop visual chatbot builder you’ll automatically convert each Messenger conversation into a pre-qualified lead! 


Here’s how to turn your Facebook Messenger into the ultimate lead slayer and list maker:

  1. Log in to and navigate to ‘Comment Guard’ under ‘Lead Magnets’.
  2. Make your Facebook post autoresponder relevant to the post content and ask an engaging question. As soon as someone responds they are automatically opted-in!
  3. Send them to a Messenger chat landing page. 
  4. Select the post for your new jaw-dropping Comment Guard.

Did you know that you can create automatic greeting messages for business on Instagram now as well?’s new 100% Instagram-approved growth tools are changing the way people engage with your business on Instagram. Check out these 15 Instagram auto DM examples to learn more!

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The Instagram Way To Send Automatic Greeting Messages For Business

Instagram has the world wrapped around it with an addictive platform. But, guess who can benefit from it? Brands and content creators! 

Those of us involved in the dark arts of marketing (kidding!) know this. We also know a lot of good can be done with it, from growing a business to a social cause. 

Going out of the way to connect with your followers might be the strategy that’s missing from your marketing game right now.

Automatic greeting messages set the right tone for businesses to establish further connections. 

With multiple apps and features to support Instagram, the ‘how’ of automated messages has never been easier. 

Instagram Automatic Greeting Messages For Business Tips:

  • With the Instagram Direct message, you can enable the “Instagram Auto message” option and contact up to 150 Instagram users per day! Via the “Direct Messages” tab. 
  • You can also opt to send greeting messages to your new followers or choose custom filters to send your existing followers messages.
  • is one of the first chatbot software providers to release fully functional marketing tools for Instagram. Instagram direct message chatbot features will be available in January 2021. Instagram Messaging, Whaaat!?


The lead generating and customer service marketing powers of are coming to Instagram Messenger

Facebook recently announced the Messenger API support for Instagram! In the upcoming release, you’ll be able to reply to ALL of your Instagram messages in one place, capture contact info, and respond via live agent. 

There are limited spots available. Be sure to get on the list! 

Automate “Hello” On Your Website!

We get it. It’s hard to pull your target audience to your website. They will most likely find you on social media first and last if you’re not highly responsive (psst… has an app for that!).

It’s even more challenging to make them sign up for any of your services or give away their contact information. Not to mention keeping them engaged and hooked on your services in the fast-changing world.

This is where a ‘Hi’ can make a difference. Of course, adding valuable points about your niche and the services you provide while not being too salesy or pushy gets brownie points!

To automate welcoming messages to the visitors on your website, you can use an email marketing tool or an auto-replier for SMS.  

Auto-reply messages are widely used to offer customer support and clear long ticket queues by almost every major brand out there. 

However, it’s the initial automatic greeting messages for businesses that could be the perfect start to providing a better customer experience. 

Automatic Greeting Messages For Business + OmniChat = Match Made In Chatbot Heaven

Are you ready to go all out with automatic greeting messages for business? We’ve married these concepts into the new OmniChat by that caters to all your correspondents on different social media platforms in one dashboard.

As a brand manager, a business owner, or a freelancer, your social media presence on one platform is just the beginning. 

Soon enough, you will see your presence everywhere else on the Internet as it spreads like fire. 

Even if you are using different automation apps/software for every platform, at some point, managing too many of them destroys the whole purpose.

This is where a unified chat marketing tool shines. Since it has all of the business tools that would satisfy all social media platforms’ requirements, your ship (say, your brand) will be able to sail smoothly even when the social media winds change.

OmniChat by can be set up to connect to all of your business pages and generate signups automatically, lead, answer FAQs, help them discover your content and offers, and lead them to a live chat or and never leave your potential customer hanging.

The best thing about adding automatic greeting messages for business purposes is that they are worth the little effort one puts into setting them up. Paying off again and again.

So go ahead, amp up your messaging strategy and start winning people over, automatically!

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