Catching Up with What’s New in Q1

Can you believe it’s almost the end of Q1? We most certainly cannot. The past few months have been an exciting whirlwind for us at 

As we get prepped for an even more exciting Q2–can’t say too much but we’re pumped–we wanted to take a moment and reflect. 

We’ve launched tons of exceptional new features designed to help marketers overcome the challenges they’re facing now and will face in the future. 

Without further ado, let’s run through the greatest hits over the last few months! 

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Supercharge your Meta Ads with Restore

It’s been a difficult few years for digital advertisers (to say the least). Sometimes it seemed like you couldn’t open your email without learning that one tool or another was going to stop working how it used to. 

These already choppy waves are going to get even choppier in the coming months and years. 

Signal Degradation is a major challenge. But companies that overcome major challenges thrive while their competitors falter. And that’s why we’re so excited to have launched our Restore tool. 

Retargeting is a rock-solid marketing concept: reach out to the people who are already interested in you. Those people are 2-3x more likely to convert! 

The problem wasn’t the strategy, but that the data had gotten so much less accurate and reliable. 

Restore takes care of that! Our Website Visitor ID X-Ray pixel identifies the name and contact info of 20% or more of your visitors. 

Our direct integration with Facebook means that, once you connect your accounts, you can port these retargeting audiences over in a snap. 

More About Restore:

Customer Journey Tracking

We would never pick a favorite of our new features but if we did have to choose, our Customer Journey feature might take the cake. 

Why? Because of how it opens up so many different avenues for marketers of all types. 

Huge companies like Amazon, Wal-Mart, and Target have had an edge on their smaller competitors for years because they have access to both a higher volume of data and more accurate, reliable data. 

They put that data to work for targeted and personalized ads. This reaped huge benefits! 

And now, with Customer Journey, you can reap those benefits too. 

The contacts you generate with our Website Visitor ID X-Ray pixel come with a full picture of how that customer has interacted with your site! 

What does this mean in practice? Your ability to target and personalize marketing outreach is only limited by your creativity! 

With our abundant integrations, you’ve got the ability to smoothly nurture leads into sales no matter how your organization is set up. 

Effectively segmenting your audience is fundamental to long-term sustainable marketing success and Customer Journey empowers you to do that like never before. 

This information is easy to find in your My Leads tab within your account. Build audiences based on whatever makers are relevant to your business and market away! 

More About Customer Journey Tracking:

Klaviyo Revenue Tracking

Attribution is a strangely tough part of marketing. 

Your goal isn’t to make one sale, it’s to make tons of sales. So understanding how each sale happened is crucial. You’ve got to know what works so that you know what to keep doing. And you’ve definitely got to know what doesn’t work so you can stop wasting money. 

That’s why we were so excited to launch a new tool within our Klaviyo integration

You can now track how much revenue the contacts identified by our Website Visitor ID X-Ray pixel are generating through Klaviyo right in your Integrations tab. 

More About Klaviyo:

Email Deliverability Scoring

Maintaining strong email deliverability has always been crucial but it’s only gotten more important in the first few months of 2024. 

Google announced that large senders who don’t abide by a strict set of guidelines will have their emails blocked before they can even reach the spam folder. 

That’s very bad news (if you’re unprepared). Thanks to this new feature, our customers weren’t unprepared: an email deliverability score right in the product. 

All you’ve got to do is connect your work email and within a day or so you’ll receive an assessment of your email deliverability! 

This score–which customers can constantly update–is a critical insight into your performance. Keeping an eye on it empowers you to take action the moment a negative signal appears and take care of it before small problems turn into massive ones. 

Email Deliverability Hacks:

Unlocking Inboxes


Larry Kim

Founder and CEO,

More About Email Deliverability:

Sendlane Integration

Sendlane is a really innovative, exciting marketing automation platform and launching our direct integration with their platform was a highlight of our first quarter. 

Setting it up takes only a few simple steps: 

Just drop in your API key, pick which audiences you want to send, and where you want them to go! 

Check out this conversation between our Founder & CEO, Larry Kim, and Sendlane’s Founder & CEO, Jimmy Kim on how to Maximize eCommerce ROI to get valuable insights: 

More About Our Sendlane Integration:

HighLevel Integration

Another integration we’re thrilled about is our new partnership with HighLevel. Nearly every marketing agency already knows and loves HighLevel for how easy they make white-labeling a sprawling marketing suite in one user-friendly interface. 

Now they can love HighLevel even more because leads generated for your clients by can go straight to them. Clients will love the engaged new contacts, agencies love the pricing and simplicity. A win-win-win. 

Hop into your Integrations tab and click “Add a HighLevel Account” to link your platforms. 

And then check out this Spotlight Session our Founder & CEO Larry Kim did with HighLevel! 

More About Our HighLevel Integration:

Wrapping Up the Quarter

Whew! It was a big quarter and the feedback from our customers has been amazing.

The most energizing thing about all we accomplished in Q1?

That we’re just getting started!

We have even more coming in Q1 and we hope you come along for the ride!

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